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Anthem Foundation CSR

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Company: Anthem Foundation, Indianapolis, IN
Entry Submitted By: Sunshine Avenue
Company Description: The Anthem Foundation, Inc. is a private, non-profit foundation. Through charitable contributions and programs, the Foundation promotes Anthem’s inherent commitment to enhance the health and well-being of individuals and families. The Foundation focuses its funding on strategic initiatives that address and provide innovative solutions to health care challenges in the communities it serves.
Nomination Category: Company / Organization Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year - At Organizations With More Than 2,500 Employees

Nomination Title: The Anthem Foundation 2017 CSR Impact

Tell the story about this nominated CSR program as it has been carried out since January 1 2017 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms.

2017 was a marquee year for the Anthem Foundation. Building on a vision to be America’s valued health partner, the Foundation had the opportunity to drive innovation and increase our impact on the nonprofit community commensurately through our corporate social responsibility efforts. We believe corporate responsibility is intrinsic to fulfilling our goals focused on:

-Dramatically lessening the risk of chronic health conditions;
-Decreasing healthcare costs;
-Strengthening the health of 37M in our health plans, 67M+ individuals served through our subsidiaries, our nearly 50,000 employees and the communities we serve.

Achieving these goals has required leveraging a culmination of all our company has to offer - health care expertise, industry insights, employee time and talent, public policy advocacy, and charitable contributions - to make a stronger impact on each nonprofit served and ultimately help create a healthier generation of Americans.

To strategically guide our CSR work, we created a multigenerational signature initiative, the “Healthy Generations” program that features a comprehensive, focused approach to help eradicate the most critical health issues facing our communities. Specific disease states and medical conditions that are targeted include:

-Childhood obesity and adult physical inactivity;
-Cardiac morbidity rates;
-Diabetes prevalence in adults;
-Prenatal care during first trimester;
-Low birth weight babies;
-Adult pneumococcal/influenza vaccinations;
-Smoking cessation;
-Programs benefiting behavioral health efforts and individuals with disabilities.

What makes “Healthy Generations” unique from other industry CSR programs is the use of Anthem’s own innovative social mapping technology, which incorporates public health and claims data from states where Anthem’s licensed affiliates do business. The technologyallows the Foundation to pinpoint the most critical health issues faced by each community. By utilizing a real-time snapshot of the health of the community’s population, the Foundation is extremely targeted in solving health issues ranging from the prevalence of childhood obesity in local elementary schools to abnormally high rates of diabetes or cardiac arrests all the way down to the zip code level.

Anthem Foundation received thousands of nonprofit requests for support in 2017. To supplement our monetary commitments, we leveraged our highly skilled workforce of nearly 50,000 - to help lead “Healthy Generations” efforts. Anthem’s employee support is channeled through Associate Community Engagement Programs:

-Associate Giving program providing a 50% match of associates’ campaign pledges;
-Dollars for Doers, allowing associates to earn their favorite nonprofits grants through volunteer service;
-Volunteer Time Off, encouraging associates to volunteer in the community during work hours; and
-Anthem Cares Fund, enabling associates to provide financial assistance to colleagues in need due to personal hardship or natural disaster.

Since inception, the “Healthy Generations” program, paired with Associate Engagement programs, has delivered a tremendous impact with more than $175 million gifted in grants to benefit thousands of community organizations.

The Foundation’s CSR efforts, under the “Healthy Generations” program, have helped improve the health of millions of people by:

-Partnering with the American Heart Association to educate 100 million people how to perform the lifesaving Hands-Only CPR technique, anticipated to double/triple survival rates by 2020.
-Partnering with Boys and Girls Clubs of America to combat the growing rate of childhood obesity and helping 14.4 million kids through the holistic health/wellness Triple Play program.
-Partnering with the American Lung Association to remove barriers for individuals who want to quit smoking by offering a proven, evidence-based Smoking Cessation for Low-Income Housing Residents program.
-Partnering with American Cancer Society to reduce cancer-screening disparities and increase education for populations at greatest risk for breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer.
-Partnering with March of Dimes to provide targeted interventions to reduce preterm births in 19 states.
-Hosting Anthem Volunteer Days, the company’s celebrated month of service in October, where all associates are encouraged to volunteer in the community.

Most notably for 2017, the Foundation dedicated more than $40 million to support programs that are helping people take control of their health, reducing disparities and addressing the communities’ most pressing issues.

In bullet-list form, briefly summarize up to ten (10) chief achievements since January 1 2017 of the nominated CSR program (up to 150 words).

2017 Achievements:

-Donated $46.4 MILLION to more than 5,500 community organizations.
-6,500 associates donated 55,737 volunteer hour valued at $1,345,491.
-Secured 20,264 national/local media placements that generated 14,134,968,272 BILLION positive impressions exclusive to Anthem's CSR efforts.
-Trained 6.5 MILLION poeple in the live-saving Hands-Only CPR technique.
-Reduced obesity levels in 14.4 MILLION children through healthy, active lifestyle programming while increasing fruit/vegetable consumption.
-Delivered smoking cessation programming to 4,500 low-income housing residents, reducing secondhand smoke exposure for 1.5 MILLION residents.
-Reached 34,000+ women through educational programs in 19 states resulting in improved birth weight outcomes compared to the national average.
-Improved disability inclusion, access and wellness for 153,489 beneficiaries in 8 Anthem markets.
-Anthem associates' giving totaled $4.6 MILLION (8% increase over 2016)
-Provided adaptive sports instruction to 1000+ wounded warriors and disabledyouth.