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Company: Allen Interactions, Mendota Heights, MN
Company Description: After 23 years, Allen Interactions remains a top learning solutions provider. With a focus on developing performance-driven learning events backed by the best instructional design and technologies, Allen Interactions is devoted to learning strategy consulting services and delivering innovative e-learning, gaming, mobile, and blended learning solutions that assist top performing organizations.
Nomination Category: Web Site Categories - Specialty
Nomination Sub Category: Best Training Site

Nomination Title: Bright Horizons - Virtual Lab School: Health & Safety Game

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The Bright Horizons Virtual Lab School uses game-based mechanics to facilitate learning and problem-solving in a virtual classroom environment. The learner takes on the role of “teacher” to resolve safety-related challenges.

The classroom is gamified in that it integrates points, sound effects, a timer, branching scenarios, narrative elements, and game-like aesthetics into the design. These elements activate learners’ intrinsic motivation and approximate the type of decision-making they need when supervising children. These mechanisms also motivate learners to repeat the experience to achieve better performance in the game, which reinforces the information and behaviors they’ve learned.

Immediate feedback is provided to learners through narrative, sound effects, and points acquisition. Additional reporting is given to learners at the end of a scenario, in which they can review detailed feedback on each of their choices. Aggregate reporting was not part of the scope of this particular project, but can be incorporated at a future date when additional games are completed.

While individual elements such as points, timers and branching scenarios are not necessarily innovative on their own, the integration of these components represents an innovative way to help new teachers practice safety behaviors.

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Agency: Allen Interactions
Client: Bright Horizons