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Company: SZPR, Carlsbad, California
Company Description: SZPR is a full service award winning marketing and public relations agency with offices in Boston and Hawaii. SZPR is known for its innovative fresh, insightful communications campaigns that include gorilla, grassroots, online and traditional media relations tactics. Over the past four years, SZPR has grown over 2,000%, which now has national clients such as Dreyer’s Ice Cream and Hilton.
Nomination Category: Media & Marketing Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Communications Campaign of the Year

Nomination Title: SZPR's Own The City PR Campaign For Dreyer's Ice Cream

  • Describe for the judges the objectives, activities, and results of the nominated
    communications campaign (up to 500 words):

    1. SZPR's Own the City PR Campaign for Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream

    2. The campaign was initiated April 2007 and ran through September 2007

    3. Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream approached SZPR with the desire for a regional program
    to strengthen their relationship with local communities and bring more tangible
    experience to their various product offerings. They wanted to become top of mind
    as a snack food for a wide demographic from kids to working professionals. SZPR put
    together a grassroots "Own the City" campaign 4-prong campaign that could be
    duplicated, reach different market segments and exported to other markets. To
    target working professionals we staged the "Rocky Road Lunch Break Challenge" which
    partners with chambers of commerce and business associations to host a city-wide
    scavenger hunt with corporate teams competing to win a Dreyer's Ice Cream cooler
    for their offices. Sampling stations were set up all over the city as people race
    around sporting Dreyer’s T-Shirts to win. To target kids and families we established a
    “Dreyer’s Get Well” promotion through children's hospitals that distributed tonsillectomy
    kits and awarded Dreyer's fruit bars, coloring books and other goodies to kids who had
    just had their tonsils removed. SZPR also launched a "Little Heroes" campaign in
    collaboration with the San Diego Padres. Communities nominate kids who have done something
    kind and brave in the community and the winner gets to throw the first pitch at the
    Padres game featured on the game TVs wearing a Nestle t-shirt. The winner’s family
    was also awarded free Padres tickets and parking passes for the game. In an
    effort to reach out to college kids and the art community, SZPR staged a Nestle Mural
    Painting Contest. They approached a key customer, Hawaiian Saved Ice who had a very visible
    building in need of revitalization that was in a highly trafficked area next to the
    boardwalk and beach in San Diego. The owner agreed to partner with NESTLE® to
    create a mural to help liven up the storefront. SZPR collaborated with Platt
    (Media Arts) College, San Diego to distribute flyers and promote a contest for art students
    to design and paint an ice cream mural. The prize for the winning design was a $1,000
    scholarship. The results have exceeded Dreyer’s expectations and goals and
    garnered over 90 million public and media impressions. According to Diane McIntyre, Public
    Relations Manager, “SZPR has been a true partner to Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream,
    integrating a hugely successful media plan that increased brand sales results.
    Their execution was flawless and produced results more than three times our initial
    goal.” Because of its tremendous success Dreyer’s has asked SZPR to run the campaigns in
    New York and Orange County.

    4. The campaign team included Sarah Znerold, Jennifer Borba and Jamie Werner

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    San Diego Union Tribune,

  • Provide a brief biography of the person or persons who lead the team that created and carried out the nominated communications campaign (up to 100 words):

    At just 25 years old, Sarah Znerold founded SZPR in 2002 and has grown revenues 
    over 2,000%. She now has a client roster of 20 names including Dreyer’s Ice Cream
    and Hilton and 15 employees. Her creative campaigns have generated coverage in
    USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Newsweek, Glamour, and countless others.
    Sarah donates over $20,000 in pro-bono services annually. Her awards include, PRSA
    Bernays Awards, MarCom Awards, Print Communicator Awards, San Diego
    Metropolitan’s “40 under 40” Award, YWCA Tribute to Women in Business Award, 944
    Magazine’s “10 Movers and Shakers Under 30” and Stevie’s “Best Young Entrepreneur