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Happy Family's This Is Happy Campaign

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 American Business Awards

Company: Happy Family, New York, NY
Entry Submitted By: JONESWORKS
Company Description: Launched on Mother's Day in 2006, Happy Family is one of the largest and fastest growing organic food brands to offer a comprehensive line of nutritious foods for babies, toddlers, kids and their mothers. Constantly innovating, Happy Family strives to offer families the right nutrition for every stage of development, beginning with baby’s first 1,000 days.
Nomination Category: Communications & Marketing Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Consumer Marketing Campaign of the Year

Nomination Title: Happy Family's This Is Happy Campaign

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The baby food business is booming. A category that was once synonymous with “Gerber” now has growth projections in the billions of dollars, with new brands joining the fray every year. But outside of price point, they can be easily forgettable in an increasingly busy space.

But there is more to brand loyalty than being the lowest-priced offering. Millennials are increasingly devoted to brands with values that resonate with them. Happy Baby is an authentic, mom-founded and operated company that puts babies before business. We are driven by our mission that a healthy start is the foundation to a lifetime of happiness. We are passionate about the foods we feed our children. So how do we communicate this with consumers to gain their trust and loyalty?

In creating our 2016 campaign, we aimed to show our point-of-view on what happiness means for both children and parents, but also seamlessly integrated the brand name itself. Introducing: “This Is Happy.”

The campaign highlights the fundamental truth for all parents and children: we all just want to be happy. It is the combination of the ups, downs and middle moments that foster family happiness.

With our first-ever national product launch in March of this year, we aimed to drive brand awareness and emotional affinity ahead of it. We wanted to make parents feel confident in purchasing our products and comfortable recommending them to their peers. Our first national brand video, “This Is Happy,” debuted on January 26, 2016, earnestly capturing both the milestones and everyday moments of families.

Knowing that the millennial mom greatly over indexes in consuming content online, we developed a plan to serve our video in her native space. We shared the video on Facebook with the community that we knew our campaign would resonate with most: our loyal followers, new moms, moms of toddlers, pregnant women, and even dads of young children.

In addition to sending the video to top-tier media outlets, we also seeded the video through digital influencers, who directed their followers to view it on the microsite and encouraged them to share their “This is Happy” moments on social media, while aggregating views.

The video was an immediate success, receiving over 1MM views in its first week. To date, there are over 11.4MM views between Facebook and YouTube. This viewership produced more than 40,000 shares on Facebook, included in 175,000 total engagements (likes, comments).

More than 107MM unique monthly impressions were garnered from top tier media, including Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post,, Advertising Age, and Fast Company. Reaction headline coverage included, “This Beautifully Inclusive Ad Will Make You Ugly Cry,” and “The Big And Small Moments That Make Parenting So Utterly Wonderful. This commercial will punch you right in the gut.”

Through influencer seeding, the video received 42,000 engagements on social media, widening our audience even further. Influencers included Daphne Oz, Jessica Shyba (Momma’s Gone City) and Kelle Hampton (Enjoying The Small Things).

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Shazi Visram is the Founder/CEO of Happy Family, the fastest-growing organic food company in the U.S. offering a complete line of nutritious foods for babies, toddlers, kids and their mothers.

Happy Family launched in 2006 with five baby products, and quickly pioneered into new categories, including prenatal, thanks to Visram’s Enlightened Nutrition approach: optimize recipes with age-specific nutrients that best support development during that growth stage. The company partnered with Groupe Danone in 2013, raising the bar for children’s nutrition across the United States.

Visram has received numerous awards and accolades, including being recognized by President Obama as a “Rockstar of the New Economy.” She’s been honored with Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award and is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader.