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Clariti Group - Female Entrepreneur of the Year – Business Services


Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Women in Business

Company:  Clariti Group, Brisbane, QLD Australia
Company Description:  We enable groups and individuals in the public and private sectors with the guidance, skills, knowledge & training to make massive shifts within their organisations and the communities they impact.
Nomination Category:  Individual Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category:  Female Entrepreneur of the Year – Business Services –10 or Less Employees

Nomination Title:  Belinda Dolan Helping Leaders Climb Their Own Everest

Describe for the judges the activities and accomplishments of the nominated entrepreneur since the beginning of July last year (up to 525 words):

A few words from Belinda-Jane

“Thank you for taking the time to review this award application, these awards mean a great deal to everyone on our team and most importantly to those we serve every day. Clariti was established as a legacy after losing my mum to Breast Cancer and as a way of changing the world and making it a positive place in which to live and work. These awards mean we can reach a larger platform and support those in need through our charitable project One Million and One”.

Belinda-Jane is on a mission to positively impact the lives of one million and one people globally through her work, research and charitable projects. Advising and presenting internationally throughout her 20 years in business and education.Belinda-Jane has secured contracts on some of the highest profile Government projects in Australia, New Zealand, England and the United Arab Emirates. Presenting and working with Australia’s leading organisations including NESA, Uber, Department of Prime Minister &Cabinet, Aviation Australia.

She has worked with the largest Technical Educational organisation the Institute of Applied Technology in the United Arab Emirates; responsible for a landmark project in the Middle East educating the female Doctors, Scientists and Engineers of the future.

Belinda-Jane has advised on the Board and committees in Australia for Adult Learning Australia, Institute of Applied Technology Strategic Planning. On panels for Advanced Education Steering Committee in the UAE. ACE Aoteroa in New Zealand and AFAVE Singapore.

Belinda is a regular contributor in the media through her PhD research into Women in Leadership and sought after for her thought leader leadership on Neuroleadership, positive and productive workspaces. Her recent engagements include conferences, webinars, workshops and leadership forums with some of the largest organisations across Australia, New Zealand, England and the United Arab Emirates

Her company works with organisations within the field of motivation in the workplace and neuroleadership. Approximately 66% of the Australian workforce are not currently happy in their work, their workplace or with their leadership; thus impacting their mental health, company productivity and their quality of life. Our aim is to significantly reduce this. It is estimated that Clariti has already mentored, volunteered, educated and supported in excess of 22,000 people.

Remote Jobs and Communities Program

This program was established for tens of thousands of Aboriginal people as part of the Closing the Gap and Indigenous Economic Development Strategy 2011-18. For this $80 million program Clariti developed learning solutions, facilitated training and business advisory services, business and strategic planning/business modelling.

Remote School Attendance Strategy(RSAS)

Children attending school is the Government’s number one priority for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and their families. This $46.5 million project operates across 74 communities. This project seeks to reduce the disproportionally high rates of violence, incarceration, alcoholism, mental health, drug addition, low academic standards and unemployment in the remotest parts of Australia.

Aboriginal Mental Health First Aid Project

This $15 million Government project provides services to Aboriginal Australians who are more than twice as likely to be hospitalised and commit suicide for mental health-related conditions as non-Indigenous Australians. This program prevents needless deaths and reduces the stigma around mental health.

Provide a brief biography of the nominated entrepreneur (up to 125 words):

Belinda-Jane Dolan is recognised as a thought leader, renowned for her unique ability to change lives. Having overcome extreme adversity from childhood, she is fearless in her mission to positively impact the lives of one million and one people globally.

Belinda-Jane established the Clariti Group 5 years ago securing tenders including the Australian Government landmark programs worth $141.5 million. These include the Remote Jobs Program, Remote School Attendance and Mental Health Projects. Belinda-Jane has created a movement that is making positive ripples across Australia and now internationally. Changing the lives of over 22,000 people in remote communities through her positive leadership, her co-founded charitable organisation 1 Million & 1, inspiring others through climbing the 7 highest mountains on each continent and her Board roles.