Vienna Life Insurance Joint-Stock Company - NAVIGO

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Company: Vienna Life Insurance Joint-Stock Company Vienna Insurance Group, Warsaw
Company Description: Vienna Life Insurance Joint-Stock Company specializes in life insurance with insurance capital fund and traditional life insurance as well. Company allows customers to obtain the long-term financial independence, and thus the realization of important life goals. Vienna Life is a part of Vienna Insurance Group the leading specialist insurance corporation in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe.
Nomination Category: New Product & Service Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Business Intelligence Solution – New Version

Nomination Title: NAVIGO

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NAVIGO is a unique program introduced by Vienna Life Insurance Joint-Stock Company Vienna Insurance Group in order to provide customers with comprehensive support in the process of making investment decisions. NAVIGO enables clients to enter the path of effective investment, without the need to acquire specialized training or tedious analysis. NAVIGO is a personalized asset management program, supervised by a team of experienced professionals who take care of multiplication and security of customer’s money.

NAVIGO program combines personal investor’s profile with the knowledge and experience of Vienna Life. Company’s specialists construct a portfolio of financial instruments adjusted to individual customer’s needs. The client plays here the critical role as particular instruments are always chosen depending on his preferences. The results of particular portfolios are constantly monitored and examined by professional analysts and, if necessary, modified so that it can bring the expected profits while maintaining the highest possible level of security of accumulated capital.


The NAVIGO program not only brings a wide range of benefits to the investors but also, as the only one program in Poland, is dedicated to individual customers. The service is offered to clients regardless of the amount of assets their own. Before NAVIGO such services were reserved for those who deposited high amounts of money. With NAVIGO customer does not need to pay high sum of money, it is enough to regularly put relatively small deposits.

The investment portfolio is adjusted to the users’ risk tolerance and is managed on the highest level. NAVIGO is 100% customer oriented and offers the possibility to change the risk profile at every moment depending on current client’s life situation. Moreover, every user of NAVIGO has an online access to additional educational materials.


After the quick on-line registration, NAVIGO mechanism analyzes the relevant data, given by customer, which characterize him as an investor. Program analyses such information as: financial abilities, willingness to take investment risk – defined as minimum, low, medium, high or maximum, investment target and time horizon – defined as long or short term. Based on the obtained information, NAVIGO prepares investment portfolio, aimed at achievement customer’s goals with acceptable risk levels.

Program processes all relevant data about the financial possibilities and risk tolerance. These data is constantly merged with information about current occurrences in the capital markets and than taking into consideration comprehensive data set NAVIGO makes complex investment recommendations. Experts follow the results on daily basis, so that the portfolio can be modified immediately to obtain assumed profits and the highest possible level of capital protection at the same time. Vienna Life analysts managing NAVIGO service resolve the events that have an impact on the financial market and thus minimize their influence or taking advantage form potential increases.


NAVIGO portfolios achieved rate of return from 4,18% to 11,34%. The difference depends of the particular investors risk tolerance. It is outstanding result when compared with the most important market indicators:
• average for mixed Polish active allocation funds increased of 0,06%,
• average for foreign equity funds in European emerging markets increased of 10,26%
• average for foreign equity funds, global emerging markets decreased of 2,08%
• average for Polish equity funds balanced increased of 8,51%
• WIG20 decreased of 18,83%

It clearly shows that NAVIGO provides customers not only with easiness but also assures effective investment decisions.