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Sales Partnerships, Inc.

How to EnterCompany: Sales Partnerships, Inc., Westminster, CO
Company Description: Sales Partnerships, Inc. is an outsourced sales force company providing dedicated branded representation to companies in a number of industries across North America.
Nomination Category: Sales Awards Team Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Field Sales Team of the Year

Nomination Title: Sales Partnerships Field Sales

Tell the story about what this nominated team achieved since the beginning of July 2010 (up to 500 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

Sales Partnerships, Inc (SPI) has established itself as the industry leader in outsourced sales for the past decade.

SPI's resume includes being worldwide case study for Research in Motion
(RIM/Blackberry) for how field sales should be done. Other accolades include
wins for top outsourced sales organization and top national sales organization
(Stevies for sales and American Business Awards respectively.) SPI has been
chosen by Fortune 500 companies ranging from the largest finance to energy to
aviation to marketing organizations to compliment their sales forces closing
deals hand in hand with their internal channels.

2010 marked notable achievements in field selling in our Texas sales forces.
Representing one of the largest finance companies in the world, SPI successfully
converted a market ranked in the bottom 25 in the US in production and
profitability to be the #1 market for SMB sales for this Fortune 200 client.
This was done head-to-head against other channels with SPI's performance more
than 2:1 better in dollars and ROI. This was achieved in less than 1/5th the
time the other channels and internal teams had to establish this marketplace.

SPI's solution combined advanced recruiting techniques using behavioral
assessments and direct headhunting with leveraging systems to maximize sales
productivity. Field sales innovations ranged from our unique territory
management system allowing for improvements in targeting by using Business
Intelligence analytics to create more efficient territories while spotlighting
that not all prospects are equal (i.e. prioritization of prospects by
anticipated ROI return is critical.) Advances in benchmarking tools then
combined with the analytics to rate prospects by ROI rather than dollar value.
This innovation is critical in separating the size of the deal from the effort
required to close it. By calculating all data associated with selling practices,
pipeline development, and profitability of accounts -- it yielded a
profitability per X amount of time measurement. Applying this allowed for more
deals to be closed faster in "sweet spots" of ROI at higher close rates and
faster close cycles.

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Client Quotes:

“SPI treats sales like a science while most people treat it like an art. Their
discipline and focus around sales is fantastic. SPI does sales outsourcing
extremely well, they exceeded my expectations in nearly every way.”

“SPI treats sales like a science while most people treat it like an art. Their
discipline and focus around sales is fantastic. SPI does sales outsourcing
extremely well, they exceeded my expectations in nearly every way.”

Level 3 Communications, Mark Mitton, Senior Product Manager

“SPI’s process is amazing. Their sole focus on sales has allowed them to do
things that we can’t yet do even with our billions of dollars of resources. They
understand the sales process at the highest level we’ve seen. We’ve worked with
other sales channel partners. SPI is in a class by itself. Beyond getting
better numbers, they sincerely care about honestly reporting what is happening
and methodically improving the numbers. I have the greatest respect for SPI”

Dex Media (part of RH Donnelley Corp), T. Swanson – Senior Marketing Director
(SPI ran a sales program directly compared to their internal programs – the SPI
program yielded higher ROI, customer retention, and overall revenue creation).

Provide a brief (up to 100 words) biography about the leader(s) of the nominated team:

SPI’s CEO and Chief Sales Officer, Fred Kessler, a 20 year sales veteran,
focuses on sales implementation and business development issues for SPI. His
prior posts included senior director and VP of sales roles in Pharmaceuticals
and Publishing. As a senior field sales executive in the 90’s, Kessler was
among the top 10 sales personnel in pharmaceuticals globally. His
publishing-distribution teams were rated as the highest ROI teams in the industry.
more information about our leadership team can be found at: