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Company: Optum Consumer Sales and Services, Horsham, PA
Company Description: Optum Consumer Sales and Service is the high value provider of contact center sales, service and retention in the healthcare industry. Our focus is to deliver an exceptional consumer experience, drive growth and loyalty for our clients’ brand and package that with the depth and breadth of products and services Optum has to offer.
Nomination Category: Solution Provider Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Contact Center or Customer Service Outsourcing Provider of the Year

Nomination Title: Optum Consumer Sales and Service: Building a Strategic Brand Center

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The Business Need: Centered on a vision to fight for and equip individuals to live their best life, our client, a large affinity organization, needed more than just a call center to support their health insurance program. Given a complex business model where the top products and services across several of the nation’s leading healthcare providers are brought together into a single program portfolio for a multi-million membership base, Optum Consumer Sales and Service (CSS) became the strategic partner to be the centralized hub for delivering the consistent voice and value of the affinity brand.

The Solution: In this model, CSS collaborates with leading national healthcare providers to deliver on the affinity organization’s strategy. As the centralized contact center, CSS provides exceptional consumer experiences by promoting loyalty-building connections to members purchasing and utilizing health insurance products. The client relationships in this model are differentiated by deep transparency and mutual trust across the participating organizations. Relationships are focused on a shared responsibility for success which leverages the collective thought leadership to innovate and shape long term business strategies.

The Outcomes: Throughout this relationship, CSS has provided sustained and secure operational delivery, delighting consumers by serving as advisors and driving success against business objectives for all participating organizations. Examples include:

• Consistent and strong operational performance, demonstrated by 95%+ of monthly key performance indicators (Call Abandon Rate, Telephone Service Factor, Call Blockage Rate, and System Availability, etc.) exceeding service level targets for the past 3 consecutive years amidst significant market level changes in healthcare
• The ground up build of a sales function which today enables access to health insurance for roughly 300K consumers each year, and 60% growth in affinity memberships over a four year period

CSS differentiates from its competitors by going beyond traditional call center mechanics to proactively develop and execute innovative solutions that establish our clients as world class listening organizations. For example, in anticipation of a client objective to differentiate the member experience, CSS developed a comprehensive Personalization Strategy to leverage data analytics to present information to agents through a CRM application, allowing them to personalize interactions with members. In our foundational year, we built the data analytics and modeling to determine how to personalize interactions, developed the back end system processes to access data and present it to front line staff via a new centralized and fully integrated user interface, and drove agent adoption through a robust change management program.

We targeted personalized “treatments” spanning the full customer life cycle (i.e. priority routing for repeat callers likely to escalate, web registration for high propensity web users, etc.) The tool assesses millions of contacts for treatment eligibility annually, displaying treatments for one third of those contacts. Agents were deeply engaged in defining the strategy, received training on the business drivers, and experienced regular communications through our change management campaign. When this launched, we effectively changed the way every agent does their job by challenging them to evolve from transactional to relationship based interactions. Within the first six months, we drove significant outcomes related to several key business metrics:

• 170 BPS lift in Top Box satisfaction
• 270 BPS lift in Top Box rating of our service experience relative to other insurance companies
• 36% reduction in repeat calls and a 20% reduction in escalations
• 150-250 BPS lift in conversion/enrollment rates for personalized conversations pertaining to sales and value added services

Creating passion around our client’s brand promise and putting members at the heart of best-in-class experiences is what we do. Any call center can answer the phone, but only a strategic brand center can make members customers for life. As part of our commitment to providing an exceptional consumer experience, CSS brings thought leadership and best-in-class innovation and technology to collaborate with our clients and uniquely deliver on their objectives.