Ziehm Imaging GmbH, Nuremberg, Germany

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Company: Ziehm Imaging GmbH, Nuremberg, Germany
Company Description: Ziehm Imaging has been founded in 1972 and is the innovation leader for mobile C-arms. The mid-sized medical technology company, headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany, has international offices in the USA, Italy, France, Finland, Singapore, China, Russia, and Brazil.
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Nomination Sub Category: Best New Product or Service of the Year - Health & Pharmaceuticals - Product

Nomination Title: Ziehm Vision RFD Hybrid Edition – the first fully motorized C-arm

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Complex surgical procedures can only be carried out in conjunction with reliable, high-resolution imaging in the OR. Fixed installed systems require a significant budgetary investment and complex installation planning. Mobile C-arms offer a cost-efficient and flexible alternative without reducing the imaging capabilities. Consequently, their market share is expected to rise from 40% in 2004 to 47% in 2018 (source: Global Industry Analysts).

Compared to its main competitors GE, Philips and Siemens, the German mid-sized company Ziehm Imaging is a much smaller organization. However, Ziehm Imaging is the only market player with a 100% focus on mobile C-arms. The manufacturer invests 15% of its revenue in R&D, and 2/3 of more than 350 employees have a technological background. This has allowed the company to establish itself as innovation leader in the industry, serving leading hospitals like Arizona Heart, New York Presbyterian, and University Hospital Uppsala.

In close collaboration with users and experts from around the globe, Ziehm Imaging constantly works on further driving the C-arm technology to even better fit the ever-changing requirements of clinics worldwide. One major trend that will continue to grow is hybrid ORs. These surgical theatres are equipped with advanced imaging devices enabling minimally-invasive surgery that is less traumatic for the patient. Hybrid ORs are currently used mainly in cardiac, vascular and neurosurgery disciplines. Imaging systems in these ORs need to:

• provide high-resolution images.
• offer reliable performance even during lengthy interventions.
• be space-saving and mobile for use in various ORs at a clinic.
• be flexible and intuitive in use.
• be cost-efficient to answer the growing financial pressure.

With these requirements in mind and capitalizing on more than 40 years of experience in mobile C-arm technology, the R&D team started working towards a versatile system to fulfil exactly these requirements and to help establish even more hybrid ORs for enhanced patient care in clinics worldwide.

The result of several years of intensive research and design efforts: Ziehm Vision RFD Hybrid Edition, the first mobile C-arm that is fully motorized in four axes. Two alternative flat-panel options offer reliable high-resolution imaging for the entire range of hybrid OR applications:

• a 30cm x 30cm flat-panel for the complete range of clinical interventions
• a 20cm x 20 cm flat-panel offering heart surgeons a miniaturized design that enables interventions such as coronary angiography, heart valve and pacemaker implantations

Highlight USPs include:

• 25kW generator: One of the most powerful generators in the market delivers crystal-clear images.
• Advanced Active Cooling: The unique liquid cooling for optimal generator temperature during challenging procedures ensures reliable imaging without interruption.
• Position Control Center: The joystick module offers intuitive, sterile control of the complete C-arm and all four motorized axes.
• Safety feature to prevent accidental system operation: The operator needs to deliberately touch any two points on the joystick with the fingers to activate movement.
• Distance control: The assistance system slows down the movement in the proximity of the patient and stops it before entering a defined safety zone.

Launched in autumn 2013, Ziehm Vision RFD Hybrid Edition has been adopted rapidly by the market, with more than 35 orders from renowned clinics and outpatient centers worldwide in the first few months.

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Product innovation is THE key success factor at Ziehm Imaging. Therefore, the team that developed the Hybrid Edition was directly led by Klaus Hörndler, MD and Vice President R&D.

Klaus joined the R&D team at Ziehm Imaging 20 years ago. In 2002 he took over responsibility for electrical engineering, in 2004 he became head of R&D. In this role, he was the main driving force for innovative products like Ziehm Vision Vario 3D and Ziehm Vision RFD. In 2006 Klaus became Vice President of Global R&D and is since then coordinating all R&D programs worldwide. In September 2007 he became MD at Ziehm Imaging GmbH and also Board Member at many subsidiaries worldwide. He is responsible for strategic and technical decisions within Ziehm Imaging.