Western Region Development Council (WRDC)

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Company: Western Region Development Council (WRDC), Abu Dhabi, UAE
Company Description: WRDC has been established to shape the future of Al Gharbia, the Western Region of Abu Dhabi by placing the region and its people's interests at heart. WRDC aims to do this by focusing on the development of education, healthcare & infrastructure in Al Gharbia. These are the key ingredients that encourage economic growth, an integral part of WRDC’s plan to create greater prosperity for the region.
Nomination Category: Video & Film Categories
Nomination Sub Category: P.R.: Government

Nomination Title: Al Gharbia video for Residents

Date this production was first released/publicly viewed: May, 2011

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Al Gharbia, the Western Region of Abu Dhabi is a very remote, yet vast region; home to 60% of the land mass of Abu Dhabi Emirate but only 8% of the population.

Due to its remoteness, residents are migrating to Abu Dhabi city. Therefore, the Western Region Development Council (WRDC) has developed this video to inform the residents about the future plans for Al Gharbia. The video features residents who are speaking directly from the heart, which, we hope, will help the audience instill a sense of belonging and pride to the region whilst also helping to slow migration.


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