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Company: Turk Telekom, Istanbul, Turkey
Company Description: Türk Telekom Group, the leading communication and convergence technology group in Turkey, provides integrated telecommunication services from PSTN and GSM to broadband internet. Turk Telekom has approximately 26.000 employees all over Turkey. Türk Telekom group companies have 16 mn Fixed Access Lines, 6.7 mn ADSL Connections and 11.6 mn Mobile Subscribers.
Nomination Category: Video & Film Categories
Nomination Sub Category: P.R.: Non-profit Fund Raising

Nomination Title: Turk Telekom The Health and Social Welfare Foundation Film

Date this production was first released/publicly viewed: First released of the production is April 7th 2011

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Operating since 1840 and keeping pace with modern technology, Türk Telekom and its strongly based infrastructure with a workforce of some 30,000 continues to offer its experience of service provision in the telecommunication field. Türk Telekom has been advancing toward becoming a fully integrated service provider by combining communication, technology and content.

Now, Türk Telekom has set up an insurance system, the Health and Welfare Foundation, in order to provide the security of social welfare and health care coverage for its nationwide workforce and their loved ones in Turkey. Although set up as a charitable organization, the Foundation is aiming to provide its policy holders with a wider range of services than those of private insurance companies in addition to top quality health and social welfare support.

This Health Foundation film aims to show how TTHSWF is valuing and touching the lives of its near 30,000 workers and their loved ones. It shows how it has been working to be that ‘friendly hand’ that reaches out to them in hard times.


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Production: Moonlight Film Production
Director: Ilker Canikligil
Senario: Turk Telekom Internal Communication Directorate
DOP: Alp Kofrali
Music Volkan Gucer