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Turk Telekom, Istanbul, Turkey
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Company Description: Turk Telekom provides national and international communication solutions customized for its users' requirements.
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Nomination Title: Turk Telekom: 'Games People Play' Management Summit

The date on which this nominated production was first presented: April, 2010

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Life must be lived as play. -Plato

How did a Turkish telecommunications behemoth make the transition from a fat and happy public utility to a lean and mean private enterprise? ;Dynamic leadership.

And the 2011 Management Summit spurred Turk Telekom’s (TT) 1,200 managers to experience the company’s power today…and tomorrow… in a playful way.

It’s a widely known fact that organizational change is the most difficult aspect of company transition. What’s more, privatizing public companies is wrought with controversy and frustration. In the case of Turk Telekom, the road to privatization was a long one – more than 10 years in the making – so when the time finally came, TT employees’ long suffering dread turned into a reality.

Management had to “be on board” at the very least. So under the direction of TT’s Internal Communications department, a massive internal motivation event was organized in Turkey’s tropical Mediterranean paradise, Antalya that focused on ‘game playing’ to foster high level team building and strengthen leadership assets.

The key communications objectives were to:
• Bond the managers from all 81 cities in Turkey as a team in and of itself
• Create a family feeling, like a big team
• Stimulate enthusiasm for the new company structure
• Foster harmony amongst various departmental managers and geographies

To meet the communications objectives, TT’s Internal Communications people created a refreshing series of “games” lasting over the 3 day event. The highlights included:

TURKEY’S BIGGEST STAGE: an impressive 480 square meter was constructed as the centerpiece of the event, mimicking a game board. The participants themselves would become the “pattern” at certain times, which were the “stuff” of compelling photo opportunities.

SMART STREET: was built in a lounge area where participants could interact with state-of-the-art communications and entertainment products under development.

GAMES ARENA: was a lively place where managers could play an amazing variety of games – traditional and new - in pairs or teams, such as table tennis, bowling, backgammon, soccer, basketball, go karts, PS3, WII, Xbox Kinetic, ginger, zorp ball, IQ Cup and more. There was even a caricaturist who drew humorous pictures of the managers. There were various workshops and activity areas where participants could interact, develop skills through game playing.

STRATEGY SESSIONS: were conducted in which managers presented strategic objectives and how to bring the key message to life: “People make companies, people are our biggest asset.” In workshops, executives shared tools and techniques about how to strengthen leadership. In soft skill sessions between workshops, participants engaged in entertaining hands-on activities, role-playing, and anonymous ideation pursuits to discover ways to communicate more effectively.

ENTERTAINMENT: Weaving the “Games People Play” mood throughout the sessions, there were performances on the main stage by popular Turkish singers and stand up comics.

BRANDING: There was no shortage of motivating signage and accessories to keep the theme alive: new logo “We exist to add value to life,” luggage tags, bus signs, welcome and farewell banners, desk flags, name tags, flyers, field flags, T-shirts, pens, shirts, and more. These were displayed at the airport for the majority who traveled from Turkey’s 81 cities, in the hotels where they stayed, and at the venue reception areas, activity rooms, stages and fields.

The executives are still reeling from the infusion of motivation and team spirit they enjoyed at the Management Summit. A post event survey disclosed top marks (4.4 out of a possible 5) for content, value, accommodation and team spirit from the attendees. Today, these managers know how to “live life as play:” It is revealed in their leadership and its impact on their teams.

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