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Company Description: The leading communication and convergence technology group Türk Telekom in Turkey, provides integrated telecommunication services from PSTN and GSM to broadband internet. Türk Telekom offers a wide variety of services with Avea, Pantel International AG, TTNET, Argela, Innova, Sebit A.S., Sobee to residential and commercial customers all over Turkey.
Nomination Category: Corporate Communications, Investor Relations, & Public Relations Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Communications Department of the Year

Nomination Title: Türk Telekom Corporate Communications Department

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Türk Telekom realized many large-scale CSR projects ranging from education to sports and environment. Although studies showed that the communication applications installed gave successful results, the material and moral resources used for them to keep the perception at the same level were too much.

In addition to its four major national projects, Türk Telekom’s employees realized over 100 CSR projects at their own initiative, and the present level of the continuous communication needs of said projects brought several barriers.

In order to develop a new strategy to solve this problem Türk Telekom CSR Department decided to talk with all stakeholders and come up with the most suitable strategy. Conferences held with the employees and third parties, studies conducted and benchmarks reviewed pointed out that the correct solution was an umbrella CSR brand for Türk Telekom.

Works performed to develop such trademark gave birth to a logo and a motto: Türkiye’ye Deger. Deger has two meanings in Turkish: “value” and “worth”; so the motto Türkiye’ye Deger means Value to Turkey or Worth to Turkey.
A launching initiative scheduled for a year was applied to ensure awareness for this new trademark. The integrated communication works performed were designed to strengthen the people’s perception of Türk Telekom as a socially responsible company.

Türkiye’ye Deger projects are notable for the success of the innovative local media and promotion activities as well as their contents. Following national communication through a press release and 3 simultaneously broadcasted commercials, intensive local PR and advertisement communications were started.

For the ad campaign, credibility was based on the present, and details of Türk Telekom’s national CSR projects were used in commercials, radio spots, and outdoor ads featuring real places, people, and stories. 82 different ad designs, one for each province, were prepared for radio and outdoors.

Following the ad campaign, a PR roadshow was initiated. 12 press meetings were organized in 12 regional directorates. Media in all the provinces in a region were attended to the meeting. A Turk Telekom VP became the spokesperson in each of these meetings, which were attended by around 500 journalists from 81 provinces.

Within the scope of the Türkiye’ye Deger launch, the company’s own platforms were also used in order to support brand awareness: The project was used as the cover story for the internal magazine, displayed on 7,000 company vehicles, logos were printed on envelopes of bills, and the logo was printed on prepaid phone cards.

Targeted increase in the countrywide awareness about the Türkiye’ye Deger umbrella brand has been achieved.

The reach number of 264 articles and 210 Internet reports was 59,498,656. Commercials have seen at least once by 12,821,256 people. The reach number of radio was 9,074,000 and the number for movie theaters was 780,974.

In research that Global TNSPiar done in 2010, the responsible company score of Türk Telekom was 32 percent.

The department gained many successes and made its goals for many times. But the Türkiye’ye Deger (Value to Turkey/Worth to Turkey) project, as a milestone in teams history, brought great success in line with its aims.
www.turkiyeyedeger.com.tr .

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http://www.turkiyeyedeger.com.tr .

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Sinan Cem Sahin, Corporate Affairs Director - External Relations Group Manager

After gained experiences in Turkish media in prestigious journals as Managing Editor he assumes the position of Corporate Affairs Director - External Relations Group Manager of Türk Telekom since January 2007.

With holding a Master degree of Economic Policy from London School of Economics, MSc in Finance and Economics, MA in Management, studies on Econometrics as Phd, Sahin is guiding his team becoming a global brand since privatization period of Türk Telekom. As a wellrounded, young, dynamic leader with the age of 34, he cares business growth and strengthening the “value added and socially responsible brand” perception of Türk Telekom.