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IBA12 Gold Stevie WinnerCompany: Thai Life Insurance Plc.
Company Description: Thai Life Insurance Plc is proud to be a leader in providing unique products and services. It’s the first Thai-owned life insurance to support Thai people by offering products to meet the client needs. These are confirmed our mission to be “More Than Just Life Insurance”.
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Nomination Sub Category: Insurance

Nomination Title: The Life Edition

When was this site or blog first published? 23 November 2012

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THE LIFE EDITION: life insurance innovation in Thailand, first time Thais enjoy choosing a suitable life insurance plan by themselves.


1. To promote Thai Life Insurance as leader in Insurance Digital Marketing.
2. To arouse online consumers’ interest, finding more details.
3. To help customers create experience of easily accessible life insurance
4. To raise customers’ awareness of life uncertainty, leading to buying decision.

Solution: Linking insurance with digital world, making insurance easy and fun.


Overall website visits:96,236 (updated 2 Apr:114,683)
Total VDO views: 35,665. 11% of VDO views shared to Social Media or counted as 3,878
Estimated earned media from sharing 1,939,000 impressions
Actual visits:96,236 (updated 2 Apr:114,683)
Actual Lead:100
+ Clicks more info:1,674
+ Clicks Contact Agent:729
Total Interests: 2,503

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Creative & Production company : Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok