Thai Life Insurance Co.

Company: Thai Life Insurance Co., Ltd. , Bangkok , Thailand
Company Description: The first Thai-owned life insurance company in Thailand, established for 63 years with 251 branches nationwide. By dedicating itself to understanding the needs and expectations of its customers, TLI has been able to create innovative services and design policies that offer valuable benefits and quality services to people from all socio-economic backgrounds.
Nomination Category: Company, Office & Product Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best Corporate Social Responsibility Program

Nomination Title: TLI Corporate Social Responsibility for Thai

1. Tell the story of your company's social responsibility program and activities in the past year (up to 500 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

For over six decades, TLI has been committed to being a Thai-owned life
insurance company, providing financial security to Thai families with
professional and comprehensive services. Due to the rapidly changing life
insurance business, TLI is now focusing on preparing itself for competing in a
liberalized market, building a strong brand value and being a “Good Corporate

As a Thai company for the Thai nation, TLI believes in playing an active role in
supporting and contributing to Thai society at large.  TLI is devoted to serving
the public by bettering the quality of life for all members of society through
numerous social contribution campaigns.  These activities are carried out both
by the company and in co-operation with the government and private sectors. 

One of the most distinctive programs that illustrates the company’s
determination to be a good corporate citizen for the Thai society is the “One’s
Gift of Life to Many” program, a blood and organ donation drive in co-operation
with the Thai Red Cross Society.  The company has been continuously involved in
this public health program since 1998, granting contributions as well as
organizing public relations events to educate the public about blood and organ
donation.  In 1999, TLI received the Donald F. Barnes Award for Public Service,
in the category of Charitable Sponsorship Program, from the National
Underwriters and the Life Communicators Association (LCA) in recognition of its
support of the “One’s Gift of Life to Many” program.  In 2003 and 2004, TLI
created a program especially targeting university students called “U-Talk
Contest” as part of the “One’s Gift of Life to Many” program.  The “U-Talk
Contest” is a talk show and acting competition emphasizing the concept “The
Power of the New Generation, The Power of Giving”, whereby the winners are
awarded a scholarship and a trophy from HRH Princess Sirindhorn.  This program
has successfully created awareness of blood and organ donation.  Since the
program’s inception, the Thai Red Cross Society has registered more than 350,000
organ donors and has received approximately 5 million c.c. of donated blood.

In addition, the Support for the Disabled Project, a special program in
co-ordination with the Bangsai Arts & Crafts Center of HM Queen Sirikit of
Thailand, provides occupational training to disabled people.  The project
enhances opportunities for the disabled, enabling them to earn income and
improve their standard of living.  This program commenced in 2003.  As of today,
more than 100 disabled people have received training from this project.

Moreover, TLI places great importance on environmental conservation.  The
company is a major sponsor of the development and management of the “Bang Pu
Nature Education Center”, a wetland nature education center providing nature
education about wetland forests, plant and animal species and the coastal
ecosystem to students, youths and the general public.  This joint project with
WWF (Thailand) and the Royal Thai Army celebrates the 72nd Birthday Anniversary of HM the Queen.  Currently, the project is in the land development phase.  Once completed, the Bang Pu Nature Education Center will be the largest nature education center in Southeast Asia. 

TLI’s continuous initiative and creativity in designing social contribution
campaigns has immensely benefited Thai society. The company takes pride in being
a good corporate citizenship as intended by its founders. 

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3. Provide a brief (up to 100 words) biography about the leader of this nominated company:

Thai Life Insurance Company’s leader biography
1. Name Mr.Chai  Chaiyawan

2. Date of Birth January 14, 1957


4. Marital Status   Single
 Present Position President
 Company  Thai Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
 Address  123 Ratchadaphisek Road,
   Dindaeng Bangkok, 10400
 Telephone  (66) 2246-9488
5. Royal Decoration

 1981 Member (Fifth Class) Of The Most Exalted Order of The White Elephant  
 1996 Commander (Third Class) Of The Most Admirable Order Of The      Direkgunabhorn
 1992  The Red Cross Medal Of Appreciation, First Class