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Company: Tesco Poland
Company Description: Tesco Poland is the leading supermarket brand on the Polish market. There are 370 Tesco stores, including large supermarkets, as well as local Tesco shops. Tesco employs over 28 000 employees and is actively engaged in regional development by investing in local produce and supporting local suppliers. The company puts emphasis on its relationship with local communities.
Nomination Category: Corporate Communications, Investor Relations, & Public Relations Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Communications or PR Campaign of the Year - Community Relations

Nomination Title: Tesco Poland Company's Community Relations Campaign

Tell the story about this nominated campaign since 1 January 2010 (up to 500 words). Be sure to cover the genesis, development, performance, and results of the campaign.

One of the aims of the competition Tesco for Schools – Let’s go green, filmmakers! was engaging local communities in activities, the goal of which was to improve learning conditions and preserving the environment. Students were to prepare and promote in their community a film which underlined the benefits of implementing ecological solutions. In turn, the communities’ goal was to take an active part in choosing the best film material on www.tescodlaszkol.pl . It was the schools that managed to encourage the largest amount of friends, family and neighbors to vote for their films that won.

Firstly, we used the educational potential of schools and their authority in local communities. We channeled that potential and made the participating schools the ambassadors of ecology who promoted environmentally friendly solutions among their families and in their local communities.
Secondly, we chose an attractive award for students and local communities: state-of-the-art educational equipment which was to improve the learning conditions of students.
Thirdly, the main “eco-inspiration” for kids and local communities was Tesco’s know-how, its potential and existing examples of green solutions used in its stores.

The best way to integrate students and local communities was to create an interactive platform for the competition. Hence, we founded www.tescodlaszkol.pl where internet users voted for their favorite eco-movies.
By using such a tactic, the contest worked like a self-perpetuating promotion machine of Tesco’s environmental approach. The participants were unbelievably active in promoting the contest in their local communities (they also used local media, social media, face-to-face events) to convince people to vote for their eco-movies.

• During one month of voting our website was visited 546 338 times. The page views in this period amounted to 2 999 582 and the average time spent on the page by web-users was 00:03:49. The best eco-movie got 19 232 votes (!) (we only took into account votes generated by one IP each day) and the total number of votes amounted to 667 370.
• We received around 680 applications and qualified 603 eco-movies prepared by 3000 contest participants from around 300 towns in Poland
• Our great media success was generating more than 400 publications and more than 260 posts in social media outlets.
• The success of our contest has also been confirmed by the evaluation we made that showed that 85% of teachers who supervised the contest’s participants planned to apply for the next edition of the contest.

Efficient promotion of Tesco’s image as an ecological company and for creating a benchmark for CSR programs held in Tesco stores in other countries.

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Provide a brief (up to 100 words) biography about the leader(s) of the team that carried out this campaign:

Beata Rozek

An experienced CSR Director at Tesco Poland. She is responsible i.e. for creating Tesco’s CSR strategy and implementing key CSR projects. Thanks to her contribution to Tesco for Schools’ success the program was recognized by the Responsible Business Forum- an organization which is a CSR authority in Poland that awarded Tesco’s initiative with the “Good Practice” award. The program also received the Value Award from Tesco Group’s CEO for the efficient promotion of Tesco’s image as an ecological company and for creating a benchmark for CSR programs held in Tesco stores in other countries.