Teradata Customer Interaction Manager 7.0

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Company: Teradata Corporation, Dayton, OH USA
Company Description: Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC) is the world’s leading analytic data solutions company, focused on integrated data warehousing, big data analytics, and business applications. Teradata’s innovative products and services deliver data integration and business insight to empower organizations to make the best decisions possible for competitive advantage. Visit teradata.com for details.
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Nomination Title: Teradata Customer Interaction Manager 7.0

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Connecting with customers in today’s always-on, data-driven world is a constant challenge for marketers. They might have trillions of bytes of campaign data, customer purchase history and trends, and mobile and social footprints in their systems, but it’s not useful if hidden away. That’s why marketers demand solutions that blend multiple sources of customer data and enable seamless conversation across any contact channel.

Teradata introduced Customer Interaction Manager 7.0, part of the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud, in Feb. 2014 to integrate customer data and insight to improve overall marketing programs and campaign effectiveness. The new release is the industry’s first to offer embedded predictive analytics designed for marketers—not statisticians. These “easy-button” analytics empower the marketer to quickly model past campaigns to predict likely responders to current initiatives, without worrying about tactical issues of dataset construction/management, model development/testing and other analysis delays.


Customer Interaction Manager 7.0 (CIM) is the central marketing application used to analyze customers, target/segment very specific groups of customers, trigger customer “events,” and choreograph multi-channel communication plans based on specific consumer needs.

Until recently, CIM was only offered as an “on-premises” solution and only on the Teradata database. Its flexibility has been greatly expanded because it’s now offered on-premises (on either a Teradata or SQL Server) and in the cloud.

CIM 7.0 delivers comprehensive, integrated and agile campaign management features:

• Open Access to “data anywhere” on multiple databases (including Teradata, Oracle and SQL Server) and from multiple sources (web, social, lists or call center), so marketers can know more about their customers and do more to engage them in better ways.

• Embedded Predictive Analytics enable marketers to do what they used to rely on data scientists to do, with just a single click in the application.

• Expanded Data Visualization for faster interpretation and reporting.

• Mobile-Enabled Dashboards for the “on the go” manager “on the go”.

• Integrated Digital Messaging and Personalized Landing Pages to deliver more relevant offers to customers.

• Enhanced Real-Time Interaction Manager (RTIM), including integration with third-party website tagging solutions. By capturing previous web browsing behavior, marketers can leverage inbound and outbound marketing intelligence to better engage with customers.


CIM is used by many of the world’s leading brands to make better value-oriented decisions based on the known or predicted interests/ and needs of consumers and their preferred channels. With CIM, marketing budgets can be stretched further while continually improving results. The ability to choreograph multi-step customer “conversations” (across multiple channels) with automated response handling and communication step processing allows for high-performance event-based and real-time/inbound campaigns.

Embedded predictive analytics provide the intelligence marketers need to understand who to contact, when, by what method and with what specific offers, which improve campaign results. Plus, those results can literally now be seen, understood and reported as they are happening.


With CIM, Teradata customers report that they have:

• Increased customer profitability by 50%
• Increased campaign conversion rates by 20%
• Improved campaign results by 35%

Maybank (Malaysia’s largest financial services firm) increased marketing campaign success rates tenfold. Lead generation times dropped from weeks to hours, new campaign time-to-market dropped from weeks to days, and the average conversion rate jumped as high as 30%.

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Donald Dureau is the vice president of Strategy, Product Management and Architecture for Teradata’s applications products. His specialties include enterprise CRM software implementations, marketing, business consulting and engagement selling. Prior to joining Teradata, he directed product management and strategy for Aprimo, which acquired his company, Helm Interaction Management, where he developed cloud-based solutions that enable various corporate stakeholders to collaborate in determining how to generate the most value from each and every customer interaction. Mr. Dureau has consulted to Global 500 companies in analytics, campaign management, BI and data warehousing. Mr. Dureau was the Vice President of World Wide Consulting Services and Education with E.piphany which is now owned by Infor. Mr. Dureau holds a BS in Accounting from University of North Texas.