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Company: TelecityGroup, London, United Kingdom
Entry Submitted By: Nelson Bostock
Company Description: TelecityGroup is Europe's industry- leading provider of premium network independent data centres. It specialises in the design, build and management of highly connected, resilient and secure environments where customers can house their telecoms, internet and IT infrastructure. Headquartered in London, TelecityGroup’s data centres are located in the key European connectivity hubs
Nomination Category: Web Site and Blog Craft & Function Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best Investor Relations Site

Nomination Title: TelecityGroup's Investor Relations Site

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01 January 2011

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TelecityGroup is Europe’s industry-leading provider of premium network independent data centres. Its approach to investor relations in grounded in making the right business decisions so value is created for investors. This is done through a focus on controlled, value creating growth and strict management of cost of capital and return on investments.

To reflect this approach to all its stakeholders, TelecityGroup uses its Investor Centre as one of its main channels for an extensive communication programme to ensure the value the business creates is appreciated by the market.

The information in the Investor Centre is presented visually in a simple and clear manner, so that investors can see the information they need with ease, without having to search for it. The investor centre also delivers engaging exclusive content – such as the video of Michael Tobin video explaining TelecityGroup’s financial results for the year ending 2010.

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