Republic Bank Limited

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Company: Republic Bank Limited, Port of Spain, Trinidad
Company Description: Republic Bank is one of the largest, longest operating and most successful indigenous banks in the English-speaking Caribbean, serving retail-banking customers, corporate clients and governments throughout the Caribbean. It is the parent company of the Republic Bank Group, which includes 15 subsidiaries collectively in four Caribbean countries.
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Nomination Title: Republic Bank Power to Make a Difference Video 2010

Date this production was first released/publicly viewed: 2010

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The Power to Make a Difference 2010 video focuses on Republic Bank's pivotal corporate social responsibility program and the tremendous success this initiative received during the Bank's 2010 fiscal year. This video focuses on the Bank's involvement, drive and commitment towards improving the lives of the Elderly and Sick, Youth Development through Education, Sport and Culture, Business Entrepreneurship, Improving the lives of the Differently Able and Poverty Alleviation, in the communities which it serves.

This video reflects the Bank's strong stance from the perspectives of NGO's, Community Based Organizations and Individuals who have benefitted from the program.

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