REN Best Investor Relations Site

IBA12 Gold Stevie WinnerCompany: REN, Lisboa, Portugal
Company Description: REN’s core business is the management of energy transmission and transport systems, operating in the electricity and natural gas fields.
Nomination Category: Website Craft & Function Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best Investor Relations Site

Nomination Title: REN Best Investor Relations Site

When was this web site or blog first published? REN´s website was renewed in 2012.

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Investor relations webpage was made not only to comply thoroughly with all legally required information but to give a user experience to visitors. It has a landing page with the most important data at hand (i.e. Alerts, calendar, information) with compatible design and functionalities (i.e. short link for anchor navigation) to portable device´s users (such as investors). It has a series of important tools such as the possibility to analyze REN equity and compare it with other companies using several financial indicators, and download historical data either by excel or HTML. Equity charts also are linked to the markets announcements so that investors can evaluate investments strategies. There is also a calculator for shareholders to evaluate the investment made during time.

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Department of Communication and Sustainability