Quality Systems, Inc.

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Company: Quality Systems, Inc., Irvine, CA USA
Entry Submitted By: PAIRELATIONS, LLC
Company Description: Irvine, Calif.-based Quality Systems, Inc. and its NextGen Healthcare subsidiary develop and market computer- based practice management, electronic health records and revenue cycle management applications as well as connectivity products and services for medical and dental group practices and small hospitals. Visit www.qsii.com and www.nextgen.com for additional information.
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Nomination Title: Quality Systems, Inc.: Creating Solutions the Doctor Ordered

Date this production was first released/publicly viewed: December 2010

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This company video was created as a sales tool for Quality Systems, Inc.’s (NASDAQ:QSII) wholly owned subsidiary, NextGen Healthcare Information Systems. It was designed to serve as a testimonial that directly speaks to the features and benefits of NextGen’s products and services, which include:

• NextGen Ambulatory EHR version 5.6, a CCHIT Certified® 2011 Ambulatory EHR - Ensures complete, accurate documentation to manage patient care electronically.
• NextGen Practice Management - Automates business processes, from front-end scheduling to back-end collections.
• NextGen Inpatient Clinicals - Improves clinical processes and patient outcomes with electronic charting at the point-of-care.
• NextGen Inpatient Financials - Automates financial and administrative processes for increased performance and efficiencies.
• NextGen Patient Portal - Communicates with patients online and import information directly into NextGen EHR.
• NextGen Health Information Exchange (HIE) - Exchanges patient data securely with community healthcare organizations.

• NextGen Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) - Streamlines business with technology-driven, revenue-improving services.
• NextGen Custom Services - Request custom-built add-on features and services for specialized needs.
• NextGen Hosting - Benefit from IT automation without in-house hardware & networking maintenance.
• NextGen NextGuard Data Protection - Protect data with an off-site, archiving, and disaster recovery solution.
• NextGen EDI Services - Manage administrative tasks, from patient statements to data entry.

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Created in-house by NextGen Healthcare, a division of Quality Systems, Inc.