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Company: PT Comunicações, Lisboa, Portugal
Company Division/Group: Portugal Telecom
Company Description: Portugal Telecom is a global telecommunications operator (national leader in every sector where it operates). It has a diversified business portfolio in which quality and innovation are decisive aspects, alongside the most advanced international companies in sector. The company’s activity covers every segment of the telecommunications sector: fixed, mobile, multimedia, data and corporate solutions.
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Nomination Sub Category: Telecommunications

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2010 March 29th

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Clarify the different internet service technologies and solutions available (Fiber, DSL, Mobile 3G) in a simple content structure.

In Portuguese “sapo” means “toad”. SAPO is the internet service provider (ISP) reference brand in Portugal, being market leader for several years. SAPO delivers broadband services in Fiber, DSL and mobile 3G technologies.

SAPO brand also assumes a “living identity” through its 3D animated character. The website SAPO is very attractive, with a simple navigation and an excellent combination of design, 3D animations and exciting content. Having SAPO 3D animated character as the “conciérge”, this website presents information about Internet access products (Fiber, DSL, Mobile 3G) and several value added services.

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Each service section (fiber, DSL and Mobile) has the options:
- What is it? It showcases the features and benefits of each technology
- Fares: with detailed information on their characteristics
- Equipment: with details and features
- Promotions: to find out about current opportunities
- How to join? Simple instructions and encouragement to join online
- Installation: with walkthrough of the process different stages

More relevant, this site features an innovative and interactive video simulator, whereby the SAPO host helps us to identify the most appropriate service to our internet usage profile. New clients can order online (eCommerce checkout process), or they can also opt for a click-to-call conversation with one of our sales representatives. The “Fun” area provides access to music and games services and in the “Extras” area SAPO displays a unique set of additional services (internet security, wifi, backups,…), which can be subscribed in the SAPO Customer Area.

This site is written only in its native language (targeted exclusively to the Portuguese domestic market).