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Company: Protiviti, Pleasanton, CA
Company Division/Group: Creative Options
Company Description: Protiviti specializes in many areas and is most known for Risk and Business and Internal Audit in the Finance and Accouting industry. As part of our work, we specialize in areas such as Business Risk, Loss Prevention and Safety Training and Awareness.
Nomination Category: Apps & Interactive Multimedia Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Training

Nomination Title: Interactive Computer Based Training Module

Date this app or production was first released: April 1, 2011

Briefly describe this entry's communications objectives and how it has met those objectives (up to 100 words):

OfficeMax required a monthly, online, interactive module to educate employees about Loss Prevention and Safety issues.

We developed a unique interface which mimics an urban street featuring a mixture of visual and audio elements. Keyboard and/or mouse controls allow the participant to navigate the street. A slideshow plays within a “billboard” frame, supported by narration and “pop-up” text. The slideshow is followed by a one-minute video on the loss prevention topic followed by the safety-themed video. Each module contains a unique Flash-based game. Finally, the trainee takes a quiz which reinforces the training and records their participation so OfficeMax can measure compliance.

***Please note the quiz at the end is not available due to the url not linked to the Learning Mgmt System.

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Dana McMullen
Kate Colmer
Richard McDonald
Dale Smith