Oxagile LLC, New York, NY, USA

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Company: Oxagile LLC, New York, NY, USA
Company Description: Oxagile is a leading provider of custom web and mobile application development services with a key focus on multi- platform video-streaming and real-time communication (WebRTC) solutions.We've been on the IP video market for over nine years, and have 50+ successfully delivered video-related projects under our belt for such brands as Telecom Argentina, Vodafone, ooVoo, Discovery Communications.
Nomination Category: Products & Product Management Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best New Product or Service of the Year - Software - Cloud Infrastructure

Nomination Title: Oxagile implements an innovative, time-saving and dependable IaaS cloud solution that helps build and deploy enterprise-grade WebRTC applications quickly and easily.

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WebRTC is a game-changing innovation that is revolutionizing the communications industry today. The technology allows real time communication (think calls, video chat, file transfers and screen sharing) - right from your browser and without the hassle or security risks of installing any additional plug-ins.

WebRTC possibilities for end-users are endless. Imagine having a question while visiting a website and being able to click for a live support session that is both personal and fully interactive. With your permission, the support expert can see your screen, send you a file, and visually guide you. It's easy to see how WebRTC can dramatically change the way companies work with their clients tomorrow.

However, when building WebRTC applications, developers typically need to overcome two hurdles to ensure users can communicate successfully:

1. Deploying robust STUN and TURN servers for connectivity and firewall traversal whenever a direct connection is impossible;

2. Dealing with a myriad of subtleties in the way different browsers implement the bleeding-edge WebRTC API that is still being hammered out by the standards bodies.

XirSys is a recently founded California-based company offering state-of-the-art infrastructure that transparently addresses these challenges. At project initiation in February, 2013, XirSys made a strategic decision to focus on the server side as their core competence, while relying on Oxagile's expertise to develop a solid client-side API to ensure full browser compatibility and seamless integration with WebRTC.

XirSys Client API: The secret sauce of smooth interoperability

Because WebRTC is pushing the envelope of innovation, the standard itself is still evolving. And with new browser versions and implementation differences appearing every week, the code a developer writes today may stop working tomorrow.

XirSys Client API developed by Oxagile solves the compatibility problem by providing another layer of abstraction that “hides” browser differences and offers developers a unified way to rapidly build production-quality WebRTC applications in a matter of hours, not days.

Key highlights and benefits

1. Faster time-to-market. XirSys Client API enables developers to quickly get up to speed and tap into an advanced WebRTC infrastructure with just a few lines of code. Compared to the vanilla WebRTC API, using XirSys Client API means you need to write a 100+ times less code for the same functionality.

2. High reliability. 100% working, fully tested code that is continuously updated to keep up with rapid developments in the WebRTC space.

3. Hassle-free integration. XirSys Client API allows for easy integration with any WebRTC-enabled app or service.

4. Seamless cross-browser interoperability. Oxagile's IT professionals were constantly on the ball, tracking the emerging browser differences and enhancing the API to make sure any existing codebase would continue working.

5. Bleeding-edge innovation. At the project's start, no client API of this kind existed. When developing the product, Oxagile's professionals had to cope with the challenging task of innovating on the go, sometimes by trial and error.

By partnering with Oxagile, XirSys was able to offer its clients not only a full-fledged cloud-based WebRTC infrastructure but also a powerful API for video, audio, data channel connections and screen sharing, which greatly simplifies the development process and significantly reduces time-to-market when building WebRTC applications for end-users.

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Oxagile's development effort was spearheaded by co-founder and CTO Sergei Marchuk. Sergey's long-standing passion for innovation and interest in cutting-edge technologies underpinned Oxagile's eLearning solutions developed for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and led to the creation of a dedicated R&D team with a focus on IPTV, VoD, and later WebRTC.

In 2013 Sergey visited the WebRTC Conference & Expo event in the US, where he met like-minded early technology adopters among XirSys' top management. This paved the way for several successful WebRTC-related projects down the road.

The undisputed technology mentor and innovation facilitator at Oxagile, Sergey Marchuk holds a M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.