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Company: METRO Cash & Carry Turkey, Istanbul
Company Description: METRO Cash & Carry Turkey is the leading player in the self-service wholesale sector. It operates with 31 stores in Turkey with its 5000 employees and 3000 suppliers. The wholesale stores offer a broad range of products and services customized to the specific demands of professional customers, such as hotel and restaurant operators, catering firms, independent small retailers, institutio
Nomination Category: Video & Film Categories
Nomination Sub Category: P.R.: Industrial

Nomination Title: GASTRONOMETRO

Date this production was first released/publicly viewed: 20th April 2015

Briefly describe this entry's communications objectives and how it met those objectives (up to 125 words):

METRO understands the passion of HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant, Catering) professionals and share their dreams in terms of making their business a success. This is why METRO invests into the future of Gastronomy Industry in Turkey.

Gastronometro is an innovative establishment and will be the meeting platform of national and international gastronomy community. While bringing the know-how and experience of international HORECA community to the local chéfs, METRO intends to support the local values by promoting them on all gastronomical platforms. Gastronometro will be a great initiative to help young chéfs discover their own potential.

This film intends to present this unique investment to the gastronomy community and make sure they benefit the most out of it.

Provide the applicable creative and production credits for this entry:

Production Company: MOONLIGHT FILM
Director: Fuat Özveri
Director of Photography: Ahmet Yasir Göktepe
Written by: Fuat Özveri
Narration: Berkan Babadag
Music by: The Music Bed
Production Coordinator: Selin Kutluhan
Non Linear Editing: Emre Altinok
Animation: Ahmet Yasir Goktepe
Production Team: Ugur Özel, Yalçin Baltaci
Transportation: Yalcin Baltaci, Ahmet Kasim Kilic
Camera Crew: Abdurrahman Yildiz, Fatih Senal, Esat Süme
Lighting: Abdurrahman Yildiz
Aerial Filming: Fuat Ozveri, Ahmet Yasir Goktepe