IBA10 WinnerCompany: Lingotek, Draper, UT USA
Entry Submitted By: Loughlin/Michaels Group
Company Description: Lingotek is transforming the way companies translate and localize information. Lingotek’s web-based Collaborative Translation Platform(TM) is used by global organizations, intelligence agencies and government entities use the platform, to save time on projects ranging from a few pages to several volumes. Lingotek also offers professional translation services. Visit
Nomination Category: New Product Awards & Product Management Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best New Product or Service of the Year- Computer Software - Software as a Service

Nomination Title: Lingotek Collaborative Translation Platform 5.0

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Lingotek is transforming how organizations reach international audiences by
harnessing the power of communities to produce localized content faster and more
cost effectively. Lingotek's Collaborative Translation Platform brings together
advanced technologies including machine translation, translation memories, and
terminology management in one interface to manage the translation of content.
Via any web browser, communities can use Lingotek’s SaaS collaborative
translation platform to translate text of any kind with the help of private and
public translation memories, rank the translation for accuracy and provide final
edits, while content owners can upload new projects, assign translators and
track project progress in real time.

Lingotek enables organizations to capture, grow and re-use translated content
for faster and more accurate translations. Translation documents are uploaded to
Lingotek where they are translated. Each document that is translated is added to
the translation memories so when a record with similar content comes up, the
previous translation can be leveraged to help with the new one. Translations of
common strings of words are used and reused, making the process much faster.

Version 5.0 was Introduced in January 2009 and has brought many success and been
utilized by multiple companies. In March 2009, Lingotek was chosen by the
Library of Congress to manage the translation of 1 million words from the World
Digital Library, allowing for availability of these materials in English,
Arabic, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

In July 2009, the company received more funding from In-Q-Tel, the independent
investment firm that identifies innovative technology solutions for the missions
of the U.S. Intelligence Community. Banking on the Collaborative Translation
Platform, In-Q-Tel reported that Lingotek’s software speeds up the analysis of
sensitive information obtained by intelligence-gathering agencies like the CIA.
Instead of a linguist translating a document and then passing it to an analyst,
translators and analysts can work simultaneously. The platform allows for the
time and cost of translation projects to be cut in half, by utilizing
collaboration, professional translators, and technological advances.

In late 2009 Lingotek announced it aided Nu Skin bring localized materials to
markets in the Americas, Europe, and the South Pacific. And in April 2010, they
were chosen by DigitalPersona, Inc., a global provider of biometric security
software to translate its consumer fingerprint identity protection software and
Lingotek recently publicized Adobe Systems use of the Collaborative Translation
Platform. Adobe wanted to enter the Chinese market - that is nearly a quarter of
the technology/internet population - but didn’t have an adequate platform to
coordinate the translation effort. Lingotek’s platform was found to be an ideal
solution. An added benefit was that Lingotek had servers co-located in China,
and approved for use by the Chinese government; this allowed the technology to
run in real-time, with zero-latency. Adobe next plans to utilize Lingotek in the
Latin American Market.
Lingotek’s platform has been used by a number of large companies, and is
currently in use by the U.S. government. Lingotek Collaborative Translation
Platform helps business and organizations reach foreign markets through
efficient and intelligent translation.

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Rob Vandenberg, President and CEO, is leading the charge to change the future of
translation. He first served as the company's VP of sales and marketing. Before
Lingotek, he was co-founder and CEO of, which was acquired by
HarrisConnect in 2005 and later became VP of sales and marketing. He was one of
the first 20 U.S. employees at INTERSHOP Communications and served as a top
performing sales executive. The INTERSHOP IPO was one of the most successful
enterprise software company IPOs in history - ($10B market cap). Rob holds a
bachelor's degree in political economics from UC Berkeley.