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Nomination Category: Live Event Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best New Product Introduction Event

Nomination Title: Thomson Reuters Launches Eikon

The date on which this nominated entry was first presented: September 14, 2010

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Thomson Reuters, a B2B financial services company, borrowed a page from the B2C marketing playbook to reinvent its product launch approach by bringing the product directly to the end user.

In 2010, Thomson Reuters unveiled a global campaign to launch its new product, Eikon, a next-generation desktop platform that aggregates real-time market data and historical information and enhances research for financial professionals.

The marketing objective was to deliver an integrated, global launch to create awareness for Eikon in 14 financial centers around the world: London, New York, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Zurich, Moscow, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Toronto and Mumbai.
We recognized that to understand the Eikon platform, customers had to experience it, so we sought unique ways to bring Eikon directly to financial professionals. The drive to increase sales began with engaging messaging and innovative product positioning.

• How to deliver an engaging experience to users to inform them of the Eikon platform so they request this platform at work, which will drive sales?

Objectives (please see execution section for descriptions of these tactics):
• Engage 2,500 people through “More/Less” street teams.
• Welcome 1,000 visitors to our LED demo box.
• Host 2,000 clients at global Go Live events.

Big Idea:
• Financial professionals want to get back to business and create a better future for markets, so show them a new tool (Eikon) for this new era of finance.
• For this reason, the tagline was "New Era. New Tools."

Execution (please see photos and videos in link provided for complete explanation):
• Street team ambassadors asked financial professionals to share what they’d like to see “more” or “less” of in the new financial era. These “more/less” interviews were recorded and used to drive advertising, digital and experiential content for the LED box and Digital Forest.
• A 30x40 ft. box made of LED screens broadcasted advertising, campaign messaging and content gathered from street teams on the exterior and offered demo opportunities inside.
• A Digital Forest comprised of LED displays mounted on vertical totems running "More/Less” comments and campaign messaging in eight languages, erected in financial districts. The content for the messages was also taken from the interactions of the street teams with financial professionals.
• Go Live events were interactive events featuring speakers from Thomson Reuters. The purpose of the events was to launch Eikon and provide senior level clients additional opportunity to experience the platform.
• An advertising campaign profiling financial professionals in their daily lives (seven “Eikons” representing clients’ specialties).

From beginning to end we over-achieved on our objectives, and created the largest and most successful campaign in the company's history.

Results included:
• 3,100+ financial professionals interviewed for “More/Less” street team videos.
• 1,345 visitors to LED Box who participated in 600+ demos.
• Go Live events attracted 2,300+ key customers.
• Digital Forest seen by 800,000+ people.
• More than 180 article placements (please see link below for full coverage).

To see a complete overview of the project, please visit:
http://neweranewtools.tumblr.com/ Password: digital123

List the appropriate creative and production credits for this entry:

Advertising Agency/City: Jack Morton Worldwide/London
Client: Thomson Reuters
Creative Director: Tim Elliot
Designer: Matt Leach
Producer: Jim Donald
Production Company/City: Jack Morton Worldwide/London and New York