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Company: iolo technologies, Los Angeles, CA USA
Company Description: Crowned the Fastest-Growing Company in the U.S. in 2010 and 2009 by American Business Awards, iolo technologies produces award-winning software that repairs, optimizes, and protects Windows computers. Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Los Angeles, iolo technologies has presence in 40 countries and 6 languages, 36 million users worldwide, and hundreds of awards from industry analysts and media.
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Tell the story about what this nominated management team achieved (up to 500 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

When iolo technologies' executive team read Patrick Lencioni's "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team", the seven executives were fascinated and eager to put his ideas into action. They soon discovered, however, that they had a problem - their well-functioning and well-liked team never exhibited any of the dysfunctions.

1) iolo's executive team members infinitely trust each other - beyond any ropes course, they trust to reveal personnel problems, potential weaknesses and areas of improvement to allow themselves to grow as individuals and team.
2) The team doesn't fear conflict, often engaging in long, passionate, yet fun discussions -one of such discussions during a recent executive retreat lasted from 8 am until 10pm and while sleepy, everyone was still enjoying each other's presence and sharp arguments.
3) Once discussed, the team commits to agreements, communicates them to their teams and executes.
4) Each member is held accountable for their deliverables - often creating awkward or funny moments, but never failing to deliver results.
5) Results are key, as evidenced by the cross-departmental executive team achievements outlined below:

1) iolo achieved 80 percent sales growth in the U.S. in 2008, additional 31 percent in 2009 and a further 29 in 2010, roughly doubling its profits last year alone.
2) Expanded its international presence from 33 to 40 countries worldwide, for a 22 percent expansion rate. iolo’s products are now sold across South America and in more than 18,000 U.S. storefronts, including all major retailers.
3) Established and/or maintained #1 best-selling position in eight of those countries. In 2010, iolo’s share of the PC tune-up market in the U.S. numbered 85 percent and in Canada, 98 percent.
4) Introduced a Spanish version of its products, and quickly established #1 best-selling position in that country. iolo’s products are now available in six languages, including English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
5) Grew its worldwide customer base from 30 to 36 million, for a 20 percent increase.
6) Introduced several significant new features to its flagship PC tune-up product, the #1 best-selling (according to NPD Reports) and multiple-award-winning System Mechanic, currently at version 10. The product, with a multitude of proprietary technologies developed in-house by iolo, was recently crowned Product of the Year by PC Magazine as the “stacked king of the PC tune-up hill.”
7) Secured a patent for its innovative and industry-first ActiveCare automatic maintenance technology.
8) Launched three innovative new products: System Checkup, PC Totalcare and System Shield.
9) Experienced 41.8 percent growth in employee numbers last year alone and further expanded operations worldwide, while being celebrated as one of the Best Places to Work in LA list by Los Angeles Business Journal for the second year in a row.
10) Won 28 major awards worldwide.
11) Actively advocated green and environmentally conscientious campaigns, donating its software to numerous non-profit materials reuse organizations.
12) Accomplished all of the above with zero outside capital or debt, relying, as it always has, on its own organic growth and self-driven revenue to fund business expansion.
13) Remained consistently profitable for the 13th year and 52nd quarter in a row.

Recently selected finalist for “Management Team of the Year 2011” by the American Business Awards and with its focus on customer satisfaction, quality products, and always-relevant technology, iolo's executive team looks forward to many more successes and fun in 2011 - while never relenting to Patrick Lencioni's Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

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List of top coverage on iolo and its products, incl. many award-winning reviews:
List of top awards won by iolo in its 13-year history:
LAPTOP magazine recommends System Mechanic, 5/5/11:
iolo featured as an expert on KCAL-9 TV, 2/14/11:
Windows IT Pro names System Mechanic Business one of the Editors’ Best Products of 2010, 12/1/10:
PC Magazine names System Mechanic 10 one of Best of the Year 2010 products, 11/19/10:,2817,2372780,00.asp
PC Magazine awards System Mechanic 10 its Editors’ Choice award, 10/19/10:,2817,2371043,00.asp
New York Times highly recommends System Mechanic as a painless way to keep computers in shape, 9/14/10:
Exec Digitial (UK) names iolo technologies one of the five fastest-growing companies on Earth, 8/29/10:
Government Computer News awards System Mechanic its Reviewer’s Choice award, 8/10/10:
WIRED magazine praises System Mechanic’s speed improvements, 7/11/10:
Fox Business recommends System Mechanic as a cost-saving solution for small businesses, 7/2/10:
Huffington Post praises System Mechanic as “definitely a keeper,” 2/8/10:
Sacramento Bee recommends System Mechanic to “keep your computer in shape,” 2/7/10:

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Noah T. Rowles founded iolo technologies, LLC ( ) in June 1998 at the age of 25 with only a few hundred dollars from his personal savings account. Weary of being the family and neighborhood tech-whiz-on-call, Rowles decided to start a company dedicated to creating software that helps other people’s computers run smoothly. 13 years later, Los Angeles-headquartered iolo technologies has defined, created, and taken the helm of this critical software category. Commanding 85 percent of the US and 98 percent of the Canadian market shares alone, it is now the global leader in the PC tune-up software category. Today, its products are sold in 18,000 stores throughout 40 countries and used by more than 36 million users worldwide to keep over 75 million computers running like new.

As VP of corporate communications at iolo technologies, Julia Zamorska strategically plans and supervises all external and internal communications efforts, managing the internal department and seven PR agencies and distributors across 40 countries. Ms. Zamorska was selected runner-up for PRWeek's prestigious “Young PR Professional of the Year 2009” award from hundreds of candidates nationwide, finalist for American Business Awards “Executive of the Year 2011”, finalist for Stevie Awards for Women “Executive of the Year 2010” and finalist for American Business Awards' “Corporate Communicator of the Year 2009” as the only person with less than 10 years of experience. Born and raised in Poland, Julia Zamorska holds a BA in Social Science (summa cum laude) from University College Utrecht, Netherlands and a Masters degree in social anthropology from University of Oxford, England.

Consistently marketing industry-leading and best-selling software products for over 20 years, Jean-Jacques Schoch, VP of marketing for iolo technologies, is a modern day renaissance man who weaves together his media, writing, technical and music skills, and uses that knowledge and experience to create exciting leading-edge marketing strategies and highly effective campaigns. An accomplished musician, tech-geek, writer, multimedia creator and recent finalist for “Marketing Executive of the Year” in the American Business Awards, Jean-Jacques Schoch has been passionately marketing software since working with Peter Norton in the late 1980s.