Intertech, Istanbul, Turkey: Inter-Dashboard

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Company: Intertech, Istanbul, Turkey
Company Description: Intertech,an entity of DenizBank Financial Services Group(DFSG) was established in 1987 to serve financial institutions with a wide range of ITsolutions.In 2012,Intertech became a part of Sberbank,second biggest banking group in Europe,through DFSG’s acquisition.Over 25 years of finance industry experience,Intertech offers innovative solutions to EMEAregion with more than 800 professionals.
Nomination Category: Products & Product Management Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best New Product or Service of the Year - Software - Business or Competitive Intelligence Solution

Nomination Title: Smart Cross Platforms; inter-Dashboard

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In today’s world, giving service on customer request is not enough and differentiation is crucial for companies. With this in mind, Intertech built smart cross platforms inter-Dashboard; to put greater emphasis on the customer experience in every contact point. These platforms aim at driving the best customer experience possible aligning the CRM strategy, predicting the customer needs with data mining analytics. With this aspect, we dreamed of consolidated, role based, user friendly platforms which customer is in focus point. Having consolidated and user friendly platforms is good, however things may get complicated when you have a lot of different products, business lines and customer types. Just at this point, being “Smart” is distinctive. Modeling structures predict the reason of the call or visit and offer appropriate action.

Before inter-Dashboard, there were quite a number of screens and workflows to access certain information or transaction. It was a common issue to reach true, targeted information and was time consuming and usually required training. Even if employees accessed information they needed, there was no standard approach to ensure that the customers have the same experience everywhere; since employees behave according to their experience, information level and naturally the result was; different ways of doing work. Furthermore, since there were no critical follow ups and warning mechanisms, operational risks were high and inefficiency was a serious problem which resulted in dissatisfaction for the customer and increase in churn ratio.

In the essence of the success story of inter-Dashboard, there was the idea of finding a solution for all of the above, by keeping the customer in focus. Starting from the Head Office, making sure that the big picture is seen and managed at all levels and everyone can focus on the same targets. Thus customers enjoy receiving the right product or service at the right time, at reasonable prices, in a fast and proactive way. On the other hand, employees’ satisfaction and income increase, since it is efficient, time saving and comfortable working platform. They can even reach inter-Dashboard through mobile devices.

Here are some results from DenizBank (one of the biggest Intertech clients);

- Different products are offered on inter-Dashboard according to the needs and propensity of the customer. In 2013, 21% of the sales of comparable products were made by tellers via inter-Dashboard. Thanks to result oriented sales opportunities, total number of sales increased by 45%.

- Minimum 2 hours/day can be used for sales.

- Churn decreased from 3,2% to 2,0%

- Thanks to the smart management of inter-Dashboard, waiting times at branch lobbies and contact center decreased by 45% while transaction times decreased by 40%. Duration at the contact center per call decreased by 70 seconds on average.

- E-statement; with registration, the customer receives statements sent from the bank only via e-mail. Annually 11.000.000 TL cost for statements (from 875.000 customers) is saved only through Dashboards. We also protect the nature and save many trees per year.

- Data Quality score increased remarkably. Address score increased from 55% to 99,6%; mobile phone score increased from 65% to 97,9%, e-mail score increased from 10% to 37,6%.

- Audit score increased from 77 to 86.

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Ms. Elif ZIHLI, 18 years of experience, is currently Executive Vice President at Intertech-IT Company of DenizBank (owned by Sberbank) in Istanbul, Turkey. She is responsible for Core Banking, Foreign Trade, Central Operations, CRM, Insurance Projects and User Experience. Prior to this she was working as a Business Systems Analysis Unit Head at Garanti Technology-IT Company of Garanti Bank (owned by BBVA) in Istanbul, Turkey. Her previous professional experience includes Branch Manager, Assistant Region Manager, and Business Development Manager at Garanti Bank. She is a professional Project/Program Manager with strong background in successfully delivering high-value projects on time and to budget interacting successfully with stakeholders at all levels and with the ability to make and drive through key operational and strategic decisions.