Intertech, Istanbul, Turkey: Inter-Collect

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Company: Intertech, Istanbul, Turkey
Company Description: Intertech,an entity of DenizBank Financial Services Group(DFSG) was established in 1987 to serve financial institutions with a wide range of ITsolutions.In 2012,Intertech became a part of Sberbank,second biggest banking group in Europe,through DFSG’s acquisition.Over 25 years of finance industry experience,Intertech offers innovative solutions to EMEAregion with more than 800 professionals.
Nomination Category: Products & Product Management Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best New Product or Service of the Year - Software - Financial Management Solution

Nomination Title: inter-Collect; Cares Customer Cures Customer

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In today’s debt collection industry, best practices suggest IT-free, flexible strategy formation and execution via champion-challenger strategies. inter-Collect, a collection software, offers all this functionality via its scenario-based structure. Combining best practice decision engine & case management system, inter-Collect meets best practices in collection and goes well beyond by adding another distinctive feature which is called Optimization.

Doing whatever you need to in your collection strategies is just perfect, however things may get complicated when you have a lot of different type clients, collection actions to apply and delinquency levels. Just at this point Optimization functionality offers you the right action, for the right customer, at the right time and at the right tone. With optimizing collections, Banks or other institutions can minimize collection costs by identifying the most effective way to allocate resources, increase collection effectiveness by assessing the cost versus benefit at the consumer level and increase total recovered funds by optimizing collection activities while determining the ideal contact method. What makes inter-Collect distinguishing among other collection software is; it takes Customer (Debtor) in the first place and Churn is one of the most important KPI’s.

Here are some quantitative gainings from DenizBank (one of the biggest Intertech clients);

• After implementing inter-Collect, monthly NPL Inflow incurred by DenizBank drastically decreased by 40%, whereas the gross retail loan size increased by 33%.

• Thanks to this decrease in the retail NPL inflow, DenizBank surpassed its major competitors in terms of early collection performance and achieved the 2nd lowest ratio among 8 largest private-sector banks regarding the KPI NPL Inflow / Outstanding 31-90 DPD Loans

• After implementing inter-Collect, DenizBank incurred 606 mio TL less NPL inflow in 2013; generating 65 mio TL less attorney’s fee for the bank and 150 mio TL less fee and legal costs for the customers

• Before inter-Collect, DenizBank’s collection teams used to follow product-based calling strategy; that required one separate phone call for each delinquent product of a customer. On the other hand, inter-Collect provided DenizBank with the opportunity to use customer-based calling strategy; at which a customer is called for once, covering all of the delinquent products. Thanks to this, DenizBank’s operational calling costs decreased by 500,000 TL whereas the calling capacity increased by 1.8 mio customers on a yearly basis.

• inter-Collect not only extended the efficiency of the collections operations, but also eased the restructuring process of the delinquent customers with its powerful strategy management functionality. After implementing inter-Collect, DenizBank increased its restructurings by 196% on a yearly basis which is good for the customes as well.

• Combining collection and restructuring gains, Roll Rate which indicates the fraction of the delinquent customers that cannot be cured after 90 days of early collection, decreased from 7.98% to 5.47% after implementing inter-Collect. Furthermore, after usage of optimization engine results, roll rate decreased from 5,47% to 4,25% while keeping communication cost and capacities the same.

• During the course of 2013, DenizBank managed to decrease its gross NPL ratio by 16%, whereas Turkish banking sector’s gross NPL ratio decreased by only 4%.

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Ms. Elif ZIHLI, 18 years of experience, is currently Executive Vice President at Intertech-IT Company of DenizBank (owned by Sberbank) in Istanbul, Turkey. She is responsible for Core Banking, Foreign Trade, Central Operations, CRM, Insurance Projects and User Experience. Prior to this she was working as a Business Systems Analysis Unit Head at Garanti Technology-IT Company of Garanti Bank (owned by BBVA) in Istanbul, Turkey. Her previous professional experience includes Branch Manager, Assistant Region Manager, and Business Development Manager at Garanti Bank. She is a professional Project/Program Manager with strong background in successfully delivering high-value projects on time and to budget interacting successfully with stakeholders at all levels and with the ability to make and drive through key operational and strategic decisions.