International Armoring Corporation

IBA12 Gold Stevie WinnerCompany: International Armoring Corporation, Centerville, UT USA
Company Description: International Armoring Corporation (IAC) has grown to be the premier manufacturer of armored passenger vehicles in the world. Known for their use of light weight armoring materials and prorietary designs, IAC's vehicles are lighter, offer better protection and maintain their original appearance. IAC has placed manufaturing plants and service facilities in 14 different countries.
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Nomination Title: International Armoring Corporation

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International Armoring Corporation (IAC) continues to revolutionize the armored passenger vehicle industry. IAC has saved over 400 lives in 250+ attacks on their near 8,000 vehicles built. IAC is setting the standard in the design, manufacturing and installation of the lightest, most bullet resistant armor material available.

IAC was founded in Ogden, Utah in 1993 and today is the world’s largest private passenger vehicle manufacturer, with multiple facilities worldwide. All designs and armoring components come from the worldwide headquarters in Utah, USA and are shipped to foreign facilities. This process minimizes learning curves and maintains corporate standards of quality. These armed fortresses are used in over 50 different countries by military, government officials, corporate executives, and other individuals who perceive a security threat. During 2011, IAC received another contract to armor 850 vehicles from an international security company, happy with the previous 728 vehicles armored the previous year.

During 2011 IAC has substantially grown their foreign facilities while moving and growing their worldwide headquarters; implemented the Weldfree™ armor install method, which is a major technology change; and established further the ARMORMAX® name and technology. All this was done while growing market share in existing markets and positioning the company for future expansion, greater profitability and increased market share. The United Kingdom, and Philippines facilities, in one year alone, have both expanded and needed to move locations in 2011 to accommodate for increase production. The South African facility (which also has changed facilities during 2011 to accommodate growth) has created name recognition for IAC in the African countries, creating brand recognition that ascends borders. The Philippines and UK facilities in particular are on their way to create a brand of reliability in regions that otherwise have limited options with poor quality manufacturers.

The “Weld Free” process eliminates the need of welding when adhering ballistic steel into a vehicle. Heat from the welding process reverses the steel’s hardened state, causing the material to lose ballistic properties. Hence, Weld Free™ bonding systems increases ballistic protection. Weld Free™ is a competitive technology and marketing advantage over the industry. This method is expected to become an armoring industry standard.

IAC has accumulated a long list of awards and recognitions. IAC is a 17 time medal winner and a “BOSS” trophy recipient at the "Best of State" awards. In addition, IAC has recently received other awards including, Mary Macias, IAC’s Executive Administrator, was awarded “2009 Administrative Assistant of the Year” in the State of Utah by Utah CEO magazine (1 out of 60+ finalists), two International Stevie Awards along with an IBA’s People’s Choice Award, Tom Fleenor as “2011 SAMY” (Sales and Marketing Manager of the Year) recipient and IAC's Founder and President was the recipient of the "Ernst & Young-Entrepreneur of Year Award.”

Since inception, IAC has been featured in over 250 different news media stories. Within the past year IAC has been featured on Discovery Channel’s “Secrets of the Secret Service,” and their “Sons of Guns” series, CNBC’s “Violence on the Mexico Border,” G4 Channel’s “That’s Tough,” and Speed Channel’s “Speedmakers: Armored vehicles.”

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Mark F. Burton is the founder, Chairman and CEO of International Armoring Corporation. He currently serves on a number of Boards, a partner in the Utah Angel investor group and owns numerous companies. He is a member of the local University’s Founder’s Circle, and sits on the University’s President Council.
Mr. Burton has received numerous awards including Ernst & Young’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” and CMA’s “Financial Executive of the Year”. He has been featured in nearly different media stories including Business Week, Newsweek, Time Magazine, BBC, Popular Mechanics, Discovery Channel and Travel Channel. He’s married with five children.