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IBA12 Gold Stevie WinnerCompany: HR 360, Inc., Stamford, CT
Company Description: HR360 is the one website you need to guide you and your company through hiring, managing and terminating employees while complying with the law. We are the leading publisher of Human Resources intelligence for businesses. Our online library is a repository of actionable information and guidance that enables employers to manage and maintain their staffs while complying with employment laws.
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Nomination Title: HR360's HR Library

When was this site or blog first published?  The HR Library was first published in January 2011.

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HR360 is the online solution that helps you navigate the ever-changing human resources landscape. Whether it's federal and state employment law, Health Care Reform or the day-to-day responsibilities of hiring and administering staff, HR3560 is your single source for up-to-date HR news, intelligence and advice.

HR360's HR library delivers everything you need for successful employee management, including:  

• Step-by-step interactive guides on hiring, disciplining and terminating employees 

• A blueprint for conducting successful performance reviews at any level 

• The latest on Health Care Reform and what you need to do about it 

• Time-saving interactive tools including a job description builder, salary benchmarking, employee cost calculator and HR self-assessment modules 

• More than 500 downloadable forms 

• Federal and state required downloadable posters


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