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Company: Gulf Aluminum Rolling Mill Company, Sitra, Bahrain
Company Description: Gulf Aluminium Rolling Mill Company (GARMCO) was formed in the Kingdom of Bahrain in 1981, and started the manufacturing operations in July 1985. It has six shareholders (companies)from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and Iraq. It produces quality rolled aluminium coils, sheets and coils. The products of GARMCO are sold throughout the globe.
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Nomination Title: Gulf Aluminum Rolling Mill Company

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Gulf Aluminium Rolling Mill (GARMCO) was established in 1981 to manufacture and market aluminium rolled coils and sheets. The company was formulated as a joint venture including the Arabian Gulf states (GCC). Presently, the Bahrain’s Government and Saudi Basic Industries Corporation are the majority shareholders, followed by Industrial Bank of Kuwait, Gulf Investment Corporation, Oman, Qatar and the Iraq. The initial planned annual production capacity was 40,000 tonnes, per annum of aluminium rolled coils and sheets. The main targeted markets were GCC and the Middle East. Today, GARMCO has become the largest downstream aluminium facility in the Middle East where it produces over 165,000 MT. GARMCO has been developed strategically to sell its products throughout the globe through Bahrain or, its 25 worldwide network of international service centres and sales subsidiaries.

With the current global economic downturn, high inflation, and stiff competition in the international markets, GARMCO has intensified its efforts to reduce costs, improve quality and better serves it valuable customers. Suppliers demand to do more for less; and the ability to achieve this, is the major distinguisher between losers and winners.

To achieve those objectives, GARMCO has undertaken many initiatives during 2010. Perhaps the main project achievement is the establishment of GARMCO Excellence Center (GEC). The CEO has shown significant support and commitment to this initiative.

The major objectives of the GEC include:

Reduce costs on long-term basis
Increase plant efficiency
Increase productivity
Improve on-Time Delivery
Improve Products and Services quality
Improve customer satisfaction Level
Improve GARMCO competitive advantage in the global market
Ensure sustainable improvements
Improve employee health, safety and security
Achieving environmental excellence
Continue the journey towards achieving Operational Excellence

GARMCO has been very successful in achieving GCE objectives where an initial cost saving of US$2,000,000 has been made on the first year of establishing the center. Less scrape has been generated that resulted in less recycling; which has certainly reduced the carbon emission and reduced costs.

Equipment and labour efficiency have been improved by 10%. The satisfaction level of GARMCO customers has remarkably enhanced through on-time delivery of good quality products and reasonable costs. This is only the beginning of a long continues, challenging and enjoyable journey where we anticipate the monetary benefits can reach as much as $10,000,000 during the next five years.

During 2010, GARMCO has achieved certification to BS25999 Business Continuity Management; becoming Bahrain's first manufacturing company receives the international certificate in the area of Business Continuity. As well as being prepared for disastrous situations, this certification helps protect GARMCO’s image, brand, and reputation. Being known as a reliable company is always good for business, customers and employees.

As part of GARMCO long-term plans to make worldwide subsidiaries to use comprehensive ICT infrastructure in Bahrain, we have successfully implemented the Oracle ERP business solution in GARMCO Singapore. They are accessing the ERP in Bahrain using the Internet. This has saved considerable amount of money, as well increased the transparency level between the headquarter in Bahrain and the subsidiary in Singapore.

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Dr. Adel Hamad, CEO

Diploma in Automotive Engineering
HND in Mechanical Engineering
PGD in Computer Applications in Industry
Master Degree in Management, Sheffield University, UK
PhD in Corporate Governance, Trinity University, USA
President of Bahrain Management Society Board
Member of Bahrain Engineering Society
Member of Bahrain Society for Training & Development
Member of International Business Leaders Association

Technical Instructor in Muharraq Technical School
Head Master, Muharraq Technical School
Technical Education Specialist

Mechanical Engineer
Engineering Maintenance Planning Superintendent
Engineering Manager,
Administration Manager
Deputy General Manager
CEO of GARMCO group of companies – 04/2007 to date.

Chairman of all subsidiaries