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IBA12 Gold Stevie WinnerCompany: Foxtons, London, United Kingdom
Company Description: Established in 1981, Foxtons has rapidly become one of London’s leading estate agents with offices throughout the Capital. Our business has been built around providing a first class service and exceeding client expectation. We have a desire to improve the way our industry operates; that's why innovation is core to our business.
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Nomination Title: Foxtons - Best Real Estate Website

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Established in 1981, Foxtons has rapidly become one of London's leading and most innovative real estate agents.
The newly designed website takes home-hunting to the next level with responsive designs, full-screen, high definition photography, online transactions and much more.

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We set out to create the best real estate website in the world. We wanted to break the existing rules to provide the easiest, fastest and most impressive home-hunting experience possible.


We have developed the technical infrastructure to serve the largest, highest resolution property photographs in the industry.  E.g.


Leading industry best practices combined with multiple powerful servers around the globe means you get the fastest possible experience wherever you are.


Our 'responsive design’ adapts to whatever device you are using, giving you the best possible experience.


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Foxtons in-house design and development team.