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Company: FlatRate Moving™, New York, NY, USA
Company Description: It’s been two decades since the FlatRate founders decided there could be a way of making moving simple for everyone. In 1991 they got moving themselves and the revolutionary FlatRate concept has spread across the country and globe. Today, thanks to an unparalleled level of service and the core belief in honesty, FlatRate is a leader in the industry and redefining the way people think about moving.
Nomination Category: Advertising Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Transportation - Campaign

Nomination Title: FlatRate Moving™: We Take Moving Seriously So You Don't Have To™

The date on which the media element(s) in this entry was first run, aired, or otherwise made public:
February 8th, 2010

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While moving is normally a stressful time in one’s life, FlatRate Moving™ successfully created a campaign that changed the perception of the process by launching the "We Take Moving Seriously So You Don't Have To"™ Campaign. Designed as a series of TV commercials, which later went viral, several entertaining videos were produced, highlighting the ease & professionalism of moving with FlatRate.

One such commercial, “Coffee Shop,” featured a man sitting at a coffee shop squinting and panning his fingers from side to side "moving" his sofa onto a FlatRate truck. Immediately after this commercial aired, over 10,000 users viewed it on YouTube.

To see a playlist of the campaign, visit : http://www.youtube.com/p/689D99F493698C7F

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Director: Lance Tracy
Director: Jarett Bellucci
Director of Photography: Brian Cristiano, Christopher Walters
Executive Producer: Brian Cristiano, Chelsea Tillet, Jon “Mikey” Katz