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Company: Everything Everywhere, London, United Kingdom
Company Description: Everything Everywhere is one of the UK’s leading telecommunications companies, running the Orange & T-Mobile brands. We have more than 28 million customers, over 16,000 employees and more than 700 stores across our two brands. Our main service is to provide mobile communication solutions to our UK customers, giving them instant access to the people, places and things they want wherever they are.
Nomination Category: Support Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Support Team of the Year

Nomination Title: The Device, Products and Networks Best Practice Team

Tell the story about what this nominated team achieved (up to 500 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

Orange (part of Everything Everywhere) is one of the UK’s top mobile phone companies. Our contact centres serve 17 million customers, five million of which use Smartphones and call us 500,000 times a month.

Smartphones allow customers to do much more than ordinary phones and that drives customers to ask more questions. At the beginning of 2010 the Device, Products and Networks Best Practice (DP&N) team where challenged to design a support model that reduced the amount of times customers called and improve the service for those that did. The team identified increased call complexity lowered Customer Advisors’ confidence and in turn poor first call resolution, especially for BlackBerry calls, where escalations accounted for 38% of the total calls second line support teams received.

The team’s most significant achievements were in training and the BlackBerry Virtual Contact Centre (VCC).

The DP&N team designed new training and online reference material that was developed with RIM, the BlackBerry manufacturer. Involving manufacturers in this way guaranteed Advisors the most accurate information possible. To help boost confidence, the DP&N team also secured live devices for the training so Advisors could get hands on experience of the phones and take them home for up to two weeks to learn more. Rather than the usual e-learning based training modules, the DP&N team arranged for every single Advisor in our product support teams to have two full days of classroom based BlackBerry training and over 1,800 Advisors, onshore and offshore, completed the training last year.

The results justified the significant investment in people:

• Blackberry transfers reduced from 38% to 1% of second line support calls.
• Customer satisfaction 5% above target.
• Employees gave the training a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 91% (a measure of how likely they are to recommend the training) and an understanding rating of 84%.
• First call resolution 20% above target.
• £20,000 per week saving in reduced calls.

BlackBerry VCC
In the second half of 2010 the team developed the BlackBerry virtual contact centre concept, which routes BlackBerry customers directly to specially trained Advisors – a global first. On the spot support from RIM also means any query can be solved with one phone call. RIM provided the training and sent their own experts to floor walk and support Advisors during the VCC launch. They still provide constant support online through BlackBerry Messenger, where Advisors can post queries, receive an instant response from RIM experts and share best practice. None of this would have been possible without the strong relationships the DP&N had established with RIM which resulted in:

• +35% NPS customer rating (how likely customers are to recommend Orange) – double the current average for the call queue.
• Customer satisfaction is 5% above average.
• First call resolution is 10% above average.

No other support team in our field has the same relationship with manufacturers. By listening to customers and employees, the DP&N team designed a unique and innovative solution to a climate driven problem that is universally appreciated.

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Ian Semple is Head of Design – Devices, Products and Network. It’s the team’s responsibility to deliver the best handset and product experience for our customers and customer advisors. This means developing tools, support material and training content. Ian has led the team for two years, moving from his senior role in business customer service having held similar roles in Virgin Media, NTL Cable and Wireless and NG Bailey.

Ian’s proudest achievement has been taking away the fear of smart phones and their perceived technical nature for our front line advisors by delivering a structured support programme that continues today.