Etisalat Group – A Year of Innovation

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Company: Etisalat
Company Description: Servicing over 135 million customers in 18 countries Etisalat continues to reach out to new customers and markets. Its stellar performance has won Etisalat recognition as ‘Best Operator’ ten times since 2006 and ‘Best Wholesale Provider’ four times in the last three years.
Nomination Category: Company/Organization Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Most Innovative Company of the Year in the Middle East and Africa

Nomination Title: Etisalat Group – A Year of Innovation

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ICT and telecoms is at the heart of innovation today and Etisalat is at the leading edge of future technologies. In 2010 it committed $1.5bn into infrastructure and other CAPEX brining new services and advanced functionality to its 135 million customers across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Key developments and launches included:

• The completion of a nationwide fiber-optic network and introduction of ‘triple-play’ services (eLife) –telephone, Internet and television. What makes this more impressive, is that with Etisalat’s network the UAE today offers the fastest broadband (30Mbps) connectivity to the home in the Middle East region.
• The launch of 3DTV services in time for the World Cup placed the UAE amongst the first five nations in the world to deploy this technology. Etisalat now offers a variety of sports channels in 3D and is supporting the boom in advanced TV technologies such as IPTV.
• For businesses, Etisalat’s fiber network allows connection speeds of up to 100Mbps – which is a key landmark for the region. It is also supporting the overall economic development of the nation.
• The future broadband access technology will be wireless, and Etisalat has made ground deploying the latest standard – LTE – in the UAE. Commercial trials started and progress has been made for deploying the largest network in the Middle East.
• In Africa, Etisalat introduced BlackBerry services to six countries including Benin, Gabon, Togo, Central African Republic, Niger and Ivory Coast. This popular business and social tool is bringing a new world of services to these markets.
• In Sudan Etisalat’s fiber optic network has been enhanced with a new Internet gateway. This is supporting corporate customers in oil, banking and education and is geared up to enable Wi-Max and Wi-Fi in the future.
• Also in Sudan, the company has introduced EVDO for broadband, enabling wireless broadband access of up to 3.1 Mbps.
• In Egypt Etisalat deployed the latest GSM wireless broadband technology HSPA, bringing speeds of up to 42Mbps to smart phones and mobile devices across 88% of the country. Etisalat Misr is now preparing to introduce advanced ICT services such as m-commerce, m-advertising, mobile applications and payment services.
• In Saudi Arabia, Etisalat’s HSPA+ subscriber base crossed 2,000,000 making it the largest active HSPA+ base in the world. This wireless technology and network is now consuming 90 Terabytes of data a day.
• Etisalat’s associate in Pakistan introduced EVDO technology for wireless broadband and has set itself up to be the first 3G wireless service provider in Pakistan using CDMA –based technologies. Ufone, the mobile operator, has also introduced various Value Added Services, bringing new innovations to the hands of Pakistani youth.

Etisalat Group continues to be recognised as the leading operator in the Middle East and Africa and because of its extensive investments it has helped catapult the UAE and other countries to the tops of some of the world’s most important league tables.

According to various studies from the World Economic Forum and other organisations the UAE today is:

1st globally for mobile penetration
2nd globally for Government Readiness to adopt technology
3rd globally for infrastructure
4thglobally for Quality of Life
5th nation for 3DTV deployment
6th for technology transfer
8th globally for broadband leadership
14th for penetration of high technology

(WEF Global Competitiveness Index, WEF Global Information Technology , Report, WEF Global Competitiveness Index, Saïd Business School, Oxford University, UN Measurement and Standardization Committee))

All of this is thanks to the investment and dedication of Etisalat and the vision and support of the UAE government.

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• Etisalat launches e-Life
• 3DTV

• Etisalat BusinessOne Super Broadband

• LTE introduction

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Mr. Amaru Chavez Pujol is Group Chief Technology Officer (GCTO) of Etisalat. Previously he held the position of Chief Technical Officer for the Central American region for Telefonica and Bellsouth International since the year 2000. As Group CTO, he oversees all network and technology development in the Etisalat Group of companies.

A 25-year veteran of the technology industry in Latin America and North America, Amaru initiated his career at the Panama Canal Commission, then a United States Federal Government agency. He also spent six years as Information Technology Vice President and CTO for local Panamanian and regional banks until he joined BellSouth International in 2000 to help develop and implement the technology infrastructure for the region.