Errol Ahearn, GES


How to EnterCompany: GES, Las Vegas, NV USA
Company Description: Global Experience Specialists,Inc (GES),a Viad Corp company,is a leading provider of exhibition,event and retail marketing services.Given its recent consolidation with Exhibitgroup/Giltspur,GES provides an even wider range of services,including turn-key official show services, cutting-edge creative and design, marketing and measurement services–all with unrivaled global reach.
Nomination Category: Creative Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Creative Executive of the Year

Nomination Title: Errol Ahearn, Executive Creative Director

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        As executive creative director for Global Experience Specialist (GES)
healthcare accounts, Errol is based in the Boston care center managing a
specialized network of designers who focus on supporting pharmaceutical,
biotech and medical device clients. With more than 24 years of experience,
including 18 years with GES, Errol has designed global programs for clients
such as Bristol-Myers Squibb, Novartis, Wyeth (now Pfizer), and Biogen-Idec.  
In the last year Errol has worked with clients such as P&G Pet Care, Boehringer
Ingelheim, Novartis, Vertex, Genzyme, K2M, Merck, Alexion, and Haemonetics to
design award-winning programs.

        Having worked exclusively within the healthcare sector for the last 16 years,
Errol serves as one of GES’ subject matter experts within the vertical and
continues to help GES define its global expertise when it comes to building and
implementing world-class exhibit programs.

        As a creative director, Errol has won many awards, including three Focus Awards
and the prestigious In-Awe award. Last year Errol has honored by the Exhibit
Designers and Producers Association (EDPA- an internationally recognized
national trade association with more than 400 corporate members from 18
countries) with the Designer of the Year Award. His work has also been featured
in trade magazines such as Exhibitor, Exhibit Builder and Event Design.

        Errol’s love of design led to him traveling around the world last fall to
attend the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai. He spent 10 days touring and gathering
design and technology trends. While there, Errol produced detailed reports and
visual case studies to share with our global design teams.  He also shared
experiences in the media through our GES website, Facebook, Twitter and

        Errol serves as a graduate student mentor for Fashion Institute of technology
and acts as a judge for their annual thesis event. Over the past 10 years, he
has been a featured speaker on the topics of interactive technologies,
international exhibiting and integrated design strategies. He has led workshops
and presentations at events such as the Event Design Summit, Assoc. of
Equipment Manufactures and TS2 – a conference for exhibit and event
professionals.  For the past three years Errol has been a feature speaker on
international design trends and exhibiting at the EXHIBITOR SHOW in Las Vegas.
His session, titled “ International Exhibiting – A Primer for Success”, is a
half-day workshop presenting a 360 degree view of international exhibiting;
examining the three familiar planning phases: pre-show determines tactics for
global brand positioning, successful interface with show organizers, choice of
international service providers, and budget control; show-site examining the
various cultures and regulatory environments and give insight to the extra
challenges compared to exhibiting domestically and; post-show determining the
success of the exhibition from a number of perspectives:ROI, market
penetration, and message delivery.

        Errol is an individual who truly loves what he does.  His passion shows in his
efforts to support GES and the exhibit and event industry as a whole. His
enthusiasm for design has evolved into a passion for creative leadership where
he readily shares his knowledge internally and externally at industry
conferences and at the collegiate level.

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        As Executive Creative Director for GES Healthcare Accounts, Errol manages a
specialized network of designers whose primary focus is supporting
pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device clients. Having worked exclusively
within the healthcare sector for the last 16 years, Errol serves as a subject
matter expert on the industry and continues to help GES define its global
expertise in  building and implementing world-class exhibit programs. Prior to
joining GES, Errol worked as a senior designer for Impact Unlimited, a New
Jersey-based exhibit company, and Admore Inc., an exhibit agency with offices
in Boston, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Dallas. Errol obtained his bachelor’s
degree in Industrial Design from Rochester Institute of Technology.