EMKAY.com - Innovative Fleet Solutions

IBA12 Gold Stevie WinnerCompany: EMKAY Inc., Itasca, IL, USA
Company Description: EMKAY has helped shift the way that corporate America views fleet, today. With a philosophy of providing simple, better, and different solutions, EMKAY has shaped the fleet industry from just leasing vehicles to full-service technology and consulting solutions. EMKAY’s proactive customer service mindset results in a unique partnership unlike alternatives in the fleet world today.
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Nomination Title: EMKAY.com – Innovative Fleet Solutions

When was this site or blog first published? 2010

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The purpose of emkay.com is two-fold:

1) To provide quick, easy access to real time data and information our customers need to effectively manage their fleet of vehicles on a daily basis, and

2) To provide the most robust analytics and critical action data tools in our marketplace. EMKAY.com has produced amazing results by providing an intuitive web portal that enables extremely complex data to be presented in a simple format, while at the same time allowing our users a customized web experience.

Our product has won numerous awards and accolades including a customer satisfaction rating of 98%. We hope it catches your attention as a truly innovative web experience. The website is password protected please use: http://demo.emkay.com  Customer#:MO109, User: STEVIES, Password: STEVIES.

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Andrew Griffith, VP Operations & Technology,
 IT Team at EMKAY, and
Design Team at EMKAY.