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Company: Elephants Don't Forget Ltd
Company Description: Elephants don’t forget provides a unique, intelligent and engaging application that reinforces training and embeds knowledge, increasing employee capability and competency. Through continuous assessment and measurement it provides you with precise insight, enabling you to save money and drive future business performance. Founded by Adrian Harvey and Dan Gray.
Nomination Category: Products & Product Management Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best New Product or Service of the Year - Software - Human Capital Management Solution

Nomination Title: Nelly's New Induction

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Following the launch of our Stevie award winning, unique knowledge embedding and retention app, Clever Nelly has taken a massive stride forward to create another globally unique, on-boarding support solution.

New recruits to any organisation, especially when many companies are spread all around the world, have an incredibly steep learning curve to get themselves productive in the shortest possible time. Combine that with their Manager’s challenge of ensuring they achieve all of the varied milestones through the induction process and then not losing sight of the need to keep an eye on satisfaction levels; it’s really not surprising that every company we speak to has an employee attrition rate higher than they desire.

Nelly’s new solution uses the knowledge, capability and competency app to support employees in the areas they need to know and ensures they know how to apply that knowledge. For new recruits the old adage “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing” has never been so pertinent.

She then combines a series of quick-check questions to monitor progress through the induction process objectives, automatically pre-prompting managers and where appropriate automatically notifying line managers or HR managers where process steps are being missed. Once corrective action is taken she follows up just to make sure.

Seamlessly woven in amongst the other questions, Nelly periodically checks each employee’s levels of satisfaction, again automatically sending notifications to appropriate managers so that suitable interventions can made, before the new recruit takes action that should have been completely avoidable, costing you a fortune in fees, lost productivity and employee goodwill.

Everything Nelly does is automated and intelligent meaning you don’t have to do anything, she even sends you your monthly report just in case you didn’t have time to login. Her reporting is not only amazing but is quick and simple to use, from company overview right down to individual question level. Employees love the Clever Nelly interactions and are able to keep track of their own knowledge scores, adding a little friendly competition.

Now for the science bit. Nelly is so effective because she employs a range of neuro-psychological benefits:

• Emotional interactions and spaced repetition are highly engaging for the brain;
• She activates all 3 stages of the brain’s learning process, coding, retrieving and consolidating;
• On top of that and even better, her interactions are intrinsically motivating, delivering autonomy, competency and relatedness.

Engagement is critical for every new recruit, so in every aspect of Nelly’s reporting we look at knowledge, process and satisfaction not only in terms of responses but also in terms of employee engagement, meaning we are able to spot the early warning signs as soon as they start to happen.

If you’re still leaving the on-boarding process to chance and if you’re still surprised when the new guy with so much potential leaves, there’s finally something you do about it. Oh, and the investment is minimal, the setup takes no time at all and the insight you get … you just won’t believe!

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Adrian Harvey, co-founder of Elephants don’t forget, combines vast experience in the energy and associated sectors with an approach to business that is radical, utterly non-conformist and very effective. Adrian quickly diagnoses the problems affecting a business and maps a route to stable profitability. At the heart of his approach are people – re-motivating, re-skilling, and restructuring teams to produce a level of performance they were not previously possible of.

His history includes saving E.On UK’s Property Services business, turning a £38 million loss into an operating profit. Turning British Gas Business into the “UK Sales Organisation of the Year”; doubling its value in three years. Growing from scratch “AA Tire Fit”, from nothing to a £50 million turnover, 55% gross margin business.