Eagle's Flight

IBA10 WinnerCompany: Eagle's Flight, Guelph, Canada
Company Description: Eagle’s Flight™ is an innovative leader in the delivery of experiential training programs for the global business community. We offer leadership development programs, conference learning events, performance measurement and customized solutions. Eagle’s Flight was founded in 1988 by our CEO, Phil Geldart, and has 82 employees across N. America, including those at our headquarters in Guelph, Canada.
Nomination Category: New Product Awards & Product Management Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Product Development Department of the Year

Nomination Title: Eagle's Flight Product Development Team

Tell the story about what this nominated organization/department achieved (up to 500 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

Throughout 2009, Eagle’s Flight’s innovative product development team continued
to create exceptional new products to meet unique client needs. Faced with
challenging economic conditions, clients purchasing training were even more
adamant that the products designed must exceed their expectations and deliver
the necessary return on investment. Despite these obstacles, our product
development team continued to do outstanding work and deliver on their
commitments. Of the approximately 20 programs that were developed in 2009, the
following is a highlight of two of them.

In Spring of 2009, the team was faced with a distinct client need: to create a
leadership program for the staff of a large resort. The unique aspect was that
the program needed to take leadership principles, traditionally taught in a
business setting, and make them relevant to the young adults who were
counselors and leaders at the resort. It was obvious that the program needed to
address the realities of “Gen Y” in order to be effective. Research was done on
the learning styles of Gen Y and this was applied to the product development.
The result was a leadership program based on timeless, foundational principles
but packaged and presented very differently. The content was more visual and
less text-heavy. Story-telling and relationship-based training were used.
Technology and the use of the internet were integrated into the program. The
final product was a customized blend of Eagle’s Flight’s signature experiential
learning with a distinct “Gen Y” flair and the client was, in their own
words, “absolutely thrilled” with the outcome. The learning was relevant,
engaging and effective for the 300+ staff at the resort.

Eagle’s Flight’s new Personal Effectiveness and Leadership series also came to
life in 2009, at the request of a client who was looking for an innovative and
comprehensive training series for all levels within their organization. What
made this challenge different was the fact that the course needed to be level-
appropriate, but consistent with the principles taught and the language used,
across all organizational levels. Therefore, as employees moved up the ranks
with the company, they would continue to learn the same principles, with
application targeted specifically for their level of responsibility.

The foundational program, for employees with no direct reports, was created as
a series of six full-day training sessions designed to enhance the employee’s
personal abilities in the areas of planning and time management, communication
and listening, conflict resolution, stress management and team skills.

The mid-level management program, for middle managers and front line
supervisors, was created as a five day series designed to teach the basics of
leadership, beginning with self-awareness and increasingly building to
practical application in several areas. The approach focused on building the
skills necessary to help mid-level leaders achieve improvements in productivity
and performance, through people.

The senior level series combined several one and two day programs for senior
leaders. Incorporating an extensive 360 degree feedback process, retention
sessions and one on one coaching opportunities, this program was designed to
build on the leadership skills introduced in the mid-level course. Currently
over 600 participants have gone through the three courses, which have been well-
received and considered a great success.

These are just two examples of how our product development team consistently
demonstrates the understanding, desire and creativity to exceed the
expectations of our clients, while creating innovative and effective training
programs that deliver impact and bottom line results.

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Phil Geldart is the founder and CEO of Eagle’s Flight™, a global training
company focused on improving individual and team productivity.

Prior to joining Eagle’s Flight, Phil was with Nestle Canada, where he worked
for 18 years, the last five of which, as Senior Vice President of Human
Resources. His focus at Eagle’s Flight is to increase the company’s capacity to
meet changing market needs, expand our global position, and consult at the
executive level.

Phil is also the head of Development and has both developed and delivered a
significant number of experiential leadership programs for clients around the