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Company: Dudu Communications Fz. LLC., Dubai, UAE
Company Description: DUDU is the developer of godudu.com – the world's first multi-language social network, where Internet users from all over the world can communicate in languages that are available in the system. The social network utilizes a specially created artificial intelligence is used to translate phrases from one language to another.
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Godudu has been in development for almost 4 years. The project is at its early stage of development and today English and Russian languages are being actively integrated within the project. Other popular languages, and primarily – the Arabic language, are scheduled for integration in the nearest future.

Godudu is developed by specialists from different countries, and the core of the team is working in the UAE. These are around 90 dedicated professional linguists, programmers, translators and so on, all with extensive experience in their respective fields. This is the reason why adding Arabic language to the system is considered the highest priority for the project.

The social network will become a perfect communication platform for people of the Middle Eastern countries. In this social network communication will be provided with support of local authorities and in compliance with the local law and religion. And the international status of this social network, developed in the UAE, will promote the establishment of correct and positive image of the Middle Eastern countries in the rest of the world. With such a strong innovative and ideological basis, DUDU is destined to be successful.

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Godudu is the first multi-language social network, where Internet users from all over the world can communicate in languages that are available in the project. It utilizes a self-improving system with artificial intelligence technology that is used to translate phrases from one language into another.

There are many social networks of all kinds in the world today. And when people from different countries join these networks they always face language barriers. In Godudu these barriers are gradually disappearing, which ensures the rise of the network's popularity worldwide.

Free communication between representatives of different nations and cultures becomes possible now, thanks to the specially developed artificial intelligence and its platform – the social network. This communication is developing in stages. And along with it, the social network is also growing into a more sophisticated communication format. It is easy to imagine just how many new prospects and opportunities this kind of a social network can offer to its users.

Today Godudu users can already take advantage of the numerous features and not only talk to each other via chat, but also upload their photos, find friends or make new ones, follow the news, and share their opinions with the rest of the world. Moreover, the users can learn new foreign languages in an easy and entertaining way.

The project utilizes the most advanced monetization models, starting from advertising, based on social-demographic characteristics, to applications with additional services that are paid for by the system's internal virtual currency, and so on. All main monetization models are well-established within the world's most popular social networks.


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