Digitized Information, Inc.

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Company: Digitized Information, Inc., Tokyo, Japan
Company Description: Digitized Information is a Tokyo-based video production/translation company bringing you videos of the latest, cutting edge technology and products from Japan in both English and Japanese. Established in 1986, the company employs less than 10 video production staff and works with a couple of dozen translators in various time zones. It receives 100,000 views per day on YouTube.
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Nomination Title: DigInfo News YouTube Channel

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Jun 10, 2007

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Although Japan is a prolific producer of technology, due to the language barrier the majority of it never reaches a global audience, and it is only large companies which are able to gain recognition in the global media arena.

DigInfo News http://www.youtube.com/diginfonews was created to allow for smaller companies and research institutions to gain attention outside of Japan. We do this by creating news content in English and presenting it on our YouTube channel.

To date we have received over 46 million views and have created the opportunity for smaller companies and research institutions to present their ideas to the world.

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CEO: Akihito Tsukioka