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Company: Delvinia, Toronto, Canada
Company Description: Founded in 1998, Delvinia is a digital strategy and customer experience design firm. With customer insight capabilities powered by AskingCanadians™, our online community of 160,000 Canadians, Delvinia is dedicated to helping its clients in the financial, media, education, retail and technology sectors craft effective digital solutions anchored in customer behavior.
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Nomination Sub Category: Insurance

Nomination Title: Manulife's

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Following a merger in 2008, Manulife Financial engaged Delvinia to consolidate several public sites into a consistent digital customer experience. The goal was to inform potential customers about insurance products based on their specifics needs.

Delvinia began by researching Manulife’s customer behaviors and developed a new site with a focus on richer visuals, interactivity and content. The company’s public web properties and online promotional activities were also aligned as part of the three-year strategy.

As a result, online applications have increased by almost 40% and requests for brochures have increased by 20%.

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Account Manager – Steve Mast
Project Manager – Katy Pedersen
Director User Experience – Sara Durning
Information Architect – Judy Reiter, Andrea Reck
Front end Developer – Samuel Tesfamichael
Art Director – Randy Matheson
Creative Director – Grace Marquez