Bonitasoft, Grenoble, France

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Company: Bonitasoft, Grenoble, France
Entry Submitted By: PAN Communications
Company Description: Bonitasoft democratizes business process management (BPM) by bringing a flexible yet powerful BPM suite to organizations of all sizes and industries. Bonitasoft and its open source community deliver an unmatched ecosystem of connectors for nearly any application and/or system.
Nomination Category: Products & Product Management Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best New Product or Service of the Year - Software - Integration Solution

Nomination Title: Bonita BPM 6

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Bonita BPM 6, a complete open source business process management software suite developed by Bonitasoft, was released to the market in mid-2013 after 3 years of development. It followed the ground-breaking Bonita Open Solution 5, developed by the same group and released first in 2009.

With Bonita BPM, developers can create business process-based applications quickly - design a graphic model, integrate it with existing Information systems, and deploy it as a complete application.

Bonita BPM 6 is built on the company’s vision to “democratize BPM,” where process owners, at all levels in an organization, can take greater control over improving operational performance. Integrating R&D, customer feedback and open source community input, Bonita BPM 6 puts advanced tools in the hands of both developers and process owners inside the enterprise at all levels.

For developers, to build, integrate, and deploy process-based applications, Bonita BPM provides:

• An innovative, BPMN 2.0 standard-based studio interface to diagram and model business processes graphically
• A rich set of connectors to integrate the application with many different and commonly used external IS such as databases, ERPs, CRMs, email and social platforms, and many more
• A connector creator to easily build and integrate a new connector to any system if there is not one already provided
• A powerful BPM engine to manage workflow, four times faster than the previous generation engine

For business users (managers, process owners, and others) using the applications, Bonita BPM provides:

• An intuitive user portal to give end users ease and flexibility to manage and complete process tasks
• Mobile and web access – so end users can start a process, and create, assign and complete tasks from any device
• The ability to unlock from rigid processes, with capability to correct failures due to technical errors and to create and assign unanticipated tasks in “hot” applications
• Strong analytics capabilities so managers and process owners can drill down into Business Intelligence reports to gain deeper knowledge and identify bottlenecks. Bonitasoft has more than 975 customers and community contributors/users who have developed and deployed Bonitasoft’s BPM suite in companies and organizations around the world. The open source version of Bonita BPM and its precursor Bonita Open Solution have been downloaded more than 2,750,000 times.

Bonitasoft has been the leading BPM suite provider since its founding as a company in 2009, following eight years of development as an open source project.

Charles Souillard, CTO, has managed the Bonita BPM R&D since 2009 when he founded the company with CEO Miguel Valdes Faura and CSO Rodrigue Le Gall. In that time the R&D team has tripled in size. From the beginning, Charles applied agile development to make very efficient progress on the code – the team got the first release of Bonita Open Solution out in six months.

Today Charles’ team of 17 developers – with a systems architect, a QA team, a documentation team, and a human factors engineer, is organized into four agile streams. Innovation development keeps Bonitasoft at the leading edge of BPM suite capability, Core product development keeps the company competitive in the current market, Fast-Track helps ensure that users’ needs are given appropriate priority and remains a key differentiator.

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As VP of Engineering, Chief Technology Officer, and co-founder of Bonitasoft, Charles Souillard leads the product development organization. Before 2009, he headed the Bonita project core development team inside Bull Information Systems.

In March 2014, Charles was named as one of the "100 French entrepreneurs who matter” in a report delivered to the French Minister for the Digital Economy

Charles has significant experience developing mission critical applications with BPM and SOA technologies. He serves on a number of European Community projects.

Charles holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from Polytech de Grenoble.