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Company: BMW Group
Entry Submitted By: ringzwei/ HOFFMANN UND CAMPE Corporate Publishing
Company Description: The BMW Group with its three brands BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce is one of the most successful premium-manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles worldwide. Also an international group, the company runs 24 manufacturing plants in 13 countries as well as a global sales network with representations in over 140 countries
Nomination Category: Apps & Interactive Multimedia Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Consumer Entertainment/Information

Nomination Title: BMW Magazine 1/2011 App for iPad

Date this app or production was first released: 05. April 2011

Briefly describe this entry's communications objectives and how it has met those objectives (up to 100 words):

The brief from the client was to create an iPad version of the printed BMW Magazine containing additional features.

The general design directive for the iPad version was of course set by the printed issue of the BMW Magazine, which was designed by us as well. The key objective was to create a magazine that takes full advantage of all the possibilities the iPad offers. Based on the print layout we took full advantage of the iPad's multimedia features, creating a unique magazine that comes alive with interesting sounds and stunning visual effects.

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Creative Director: Dirk Linke, ringzwei
Designer: Juliane Schöndube, ringzwei, Frederic Lydén, ringzwei, Lukas Niehaus, ringzwei
Programmer: Bastian Hoyer, Cranberry Production GmbH
Project Manager: Arne Kochanski, Cranberry Production GmbH
Coordinator: Sven Schmiede, Swipe Studio
Editor-in-chief: Bernd Zerelles, HOFFMANN UND CAMPE Corporate Publishing
Senior Editor: Jan Kirsten Biener, HOFFMANN UND CAMPE Corporate Publishing
Managing Editor: Kai-Uwe Theelke, HOFFMANN UND CAMPE Corporate Publishing
Picture Editor: Gabriele Mayrhofer-Mik, HOFFMANN UND CAMPE Corporate Publishing
Copy Editor: Michael Seitz, HOFFMANN UND CAMPE Corporate Publishing
BMW Project Manager: Petra Brunner, BMW Group. Marit Bodenstein, BMW Group