Bigpoint GmbH

IBA10 WinnerCompany: Bigpoint GmbH, Hamburg, Germany
Company Description: Bigpoint is an online-game publisher, content provider for large media concerns and browser-based game developer. The company’s game portfolio has achieved the same high level of quality usually associated with CDs or consoles. More than 350 employees from over 35 different nations work together in Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany at the headquarters of the world’s largest browser-game portal.
Nomination Category: New Product Awards & Product Management Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Product Development Executive of the Year

Nomination Title: Dr. Jan Wergin, Chief Technical Officer

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Jan Wergin, PhD started on as Chief Technical Officer of game developer and
publisher Bigpoint in March 2010. In this position, he is responsible for the
entire development area, as well as the company’s localization, quality
assurance and project management divisions. Not only does he head up the entire
IT department, he also defines the strategic focus of Bigpoint’s game development.
Alongside his managerial responsibilities, Wergin dedicated himself to three
huge tech-related projects shortly after signing on at Bigpoint: the
introduction of the Scrum framework, the active promotion of innovative
development platforms such as Unity3D for future Bigpoint games, and a variety
of technological advances for the ground-breaking real-time action game Poisonville.
The successful implementation of these projects in a very short period of time
makes Jan Wergin an exceptionally qualified candidate for the Product
Development Executive of the Year award.

The Scrum framework for software development and project management increases
productivity through higher levels of self-organization within Bigpoint’s
development teams. The Scrum framework is based on the premise that product
development and completion processes are so complex that they cannot be planned
in broad self-contained phases or individual steps. It is therefore more
productive for teams to organize themselves within clearly defined limits. In
collaboration with their so-called Product Owners and Scrum Masters, the
self-organized teams take over full responsibility for the completion of a
certain subproject.

The company-wide implementation of the Scrum framework coordinated by Jan Wergin
went off without a hitch, has since been successfully integrated into team
workflow and has already been proven to boost productivity.

Bigpoint is also set to expand its position as the world leader in the area of
platform independence under the guidance of Chief Technical Officer Jan Wergin.
Over the past year, the company has invested over one million euros in Unity3D
projects in an effort to further its goal of offering online games that can be
played anytime, anywhere, by anyone, and yielding a maximum in gaming fun.
Thanks to platform independence, players will soon be able to play the same game
on their computer, smartphone or console.

The real-time action game Poisonville will feature technically revolutionary,
console-quality 3D graphics and gameplay. The Java-developed game will offer
more than 3,000 players the possibility of playing and interacting online with
one another, and all without downloads or installation. Poisonville will be a
huge fictional city, overflowing with things to see and do. Jan Wergin and his
team have chosen to use motion capture, a technique involving real actors and
commonly used in the console-game industry, for Poisonville’s animation – a
first in the world of browser games. Day and night modes, a sophisticated
artificial intelligence and customizable game characters will be only a few of
the latest game features.

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Dr. Jan Wergin became Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Bigpoint on March 1st,
2010. In this key position, he is responsible for the company’s development
division where he coordinates the strategic game programming. In addition,
Wergin oversees the company’s IT department.

From 2007 until early 2009, Wergin served as Chief Product Officer of Germany’s
widely successful social networking portal StudiVZ where he was responsible for
the technical side of the business, as well as for product and project
management. Before starting at Bigpoint, the Berlin native led a software
development team of 100 employees for well-known cell phone provider Vodafone GmbH.