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Company: Be Learning Films Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia
Company Description: We are an award winning Australian company that produces engaging digital content for the business education market. We excel at creating films for our target audience that grab their attention, educate them and inspire them to action. Both our factual documentary and fictional narrative content focus on emotionally engaging an audience through people and their stories.
Nomination Category: Video & Film Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Training

Nomination Title: A Family Affair -Woolworths Corporate Training Film

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Title: A Family Affair

Running time: 00:17:12

Date Completed: 21st June 2010

Country of Origin: Australia

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A Family Affair was made with an aim to capture the hearts and minds of all Woolworth’s staff with the customer care and prevention message.

The film consists of three distinct segments that run concurrently and talk about the same issue at the same time, though from a different angle.

SEGMENT ONE: Staff Documentary
Staff across several Woolworth’s brands were asked reasons why should they care about preventing customer accidents and how should they care for customers in the event of an accident?

SEGMENT TWO: The Customers Experience
We interviewed real customers who have had accidents in store. We see them in their own homes and we relate to them as human beings. We hear why they were in the store, what happened and how it was dealt with by staff. We hear about the repercussions on their lives and livelihood from such accidents.

SEGMENT THREE: A Family Affair
The comedy drama takes place in the kitchen of the Jones’. It is Christmas morning. Everyone is excited and having opened their presents is preparing for the arrival of the Grandparents for lunch. Calamity ensues when having slipped on the kitchen floor, Grandpa goes flying!! The shocked family, the father, instead of coming to the rescue, instead of taking responsibility, instead of showing empathy, pulls out a form, shoves it in the poor old man’s face and starts asking questions.

The aim was to show a heightened and entertaining analogy of what we don’t want to see. To take it away from the brands. To take it away from finger pointing. And to let the audience make up their own mind about how they would act in store if it was their family member.

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Director/Writer: Paul Tassone
Executive Producer: Miriam J Jones
Production Manager: Renae Begent
Production Assistant: Annette Onodera
Editor: Brad Hurt