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IBA12 Gold Stevie WinnerCompany: Attero Recycling Pvt. Ltd, Noida, India
Company Description: Attero Recycling, is the first and only company in India which does complete end to end recycling of electronic waste indigenously by extracting rare and precious metals. Chosen among top 25 Technology group by World Economic Forum, as the 10 fastest growing start up in India by Forbes, and won The Golden Peacock award for innovation.
Nomination Category: Products & Product Management Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best New Product or Service of the Year - Other

Nomination Title: Poluma - Pollution Monitoring Devices

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Poluma is a low cost, compact, comprehensive and integrated, patent pending, pollution monitoring system. It comprises of diverse sensor technologies brought together in a complex platform which provides an output in a human readable single unit of measurement, called integrated pollution index, for representing the quality of environment affecting the life of humans (or any living being) in a particular area of concern.

Detection of pollution in air, water, soil as well as other forms like noise, light, radiation, pollen etc. is done by a diverse set of units and the data collected, assimilated and then transmitted to a central database server over the internet infrastructure. This self sufficient unit is powered by solar and battery backup system. It works ubiquitously by connecting different air, water and soil detection units through a robust & redundant multipath sensor network within its area of effective sensing capabilities. The air detection system is available in two variants, ambient air quality monitoring and for industry specific emission monitoring. The system’s capabilities can further be expanded with accessory attachments for measurement of weather parameters like temperature, pressure, humidity, rain and wind.

The complete database is available for applications to be built on top of it for representing the quality of environment and helping in making important decision directly affecting our life quality. All data is available through a multitude of options either on PC, mobile phones or tablets etc through a web portal in the form of various kinds of color codes, graphs and charts showing the trends of pollution index. For example, someone with adverse health effects due to pollen allergy, can easily check the color codes of the region on the web portal on their mobile, and avoid that place while traveling and alternatively can get SMS alerts about the deteriorating pollution index.

Because the detection unit is small in size and low in cost, it can be installed in lot more places compared to any other existing technologies of effective continuous pollution monitoring means. Since it is useful for continuous monitoring, it can be used in the continuous measurement of emission of pollution industries, thereby providing a much more granular data on the pollution levels of a city. The unit is flexible enough to be put up a highly polluted open areas like major traffic junctions, landfills or natural areas like rivers and canals. It can also be fitted into public transport systems on road to map the pollution index levels across the city easily.

The device was launched on end 2011 has been widely accepted by major oil and gas, mining, chemical manufacturing factories as well as independent pollution monitoring bodies in India.

The product has been invented, engineered and assembled at the state of the art R&D and manufacturing facilities in companies facilities in Noida, India. It has received awards in innovation and new product development by the prestigious Golden Peacock Award, 2011

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As Director-Technology, Pranamesh Das drives strategies for product development, engineering efforts at Attero and a key person leading the development of Poluma. He has ten years of experience in product engineering. Prior joining Attero, he founded CydeonLabs,involved purely in R&D, prototyping of "ahead-of-time" technologies. Earlier he was co-founder, CTO at Speigel Networks, heading team of engineers to build high quality network security products. He successfully got Speigel Networks acquired by Lotus Interworks, USA in 2000. Holding Bachelor of Technology degree in Electrical Engineering from I.I.T, Delhi, he has more than 11 patents in software/hardware products.