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Company: American Express, New York, NY USA
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Company Description: American Express provides innovative payment, travel and expense management solutions for individuals and businesses of all sizes. Most of all, we help our customers realize their dreams and aspirations through industry-leading benefits, access to unique experiences, business-building insights, and global customer care. American Express is the world's largest card issuer by purchase volume.
Nomination Category: Products & Product Management Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best New Product or Service of the Year - Financial Services

Nomination Title: American Express OPEN: Business Apps Solutions

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The American Express OPEN team continues to launch new Business Apps Solutions for small business owners to manage cash flow, save time and money, and grow customer relationships. The OPEN team created these premium digital tools as a way of uniting previously diverse aspects of managing a small business into one unified user experience. As a suite of tools, these four Business Apps Solutions

– Accept Pay, Search Manager, Insurance Edge and FXIP

– help small business owners save money, increase margins, manage payments & bills, and build new customer relationships. As American Express OPEN identifies new small business needs, it will continue to grow and evolve the Business Apps Solutions platform.

• Over the past 12 months, small business owners from a wide range of different industries have downloaded Business Apps Solutions

• Small business owners have used these Business Apps Solutions in three primary ways: managing cash flow, saving money, and finding new customers

• The Business Apps Solutions have been covered in a range of offline and online publications (e.g. PR Week, Information Week, BNET, Marketing VOX]

• Users of these Business Apps Solution report time & money savings: 40% improvement on payments received; the ability to double the amount of fees received each month; the ability to get paid 15 days faster than before; and time savings of 10 hours a month

Accept Pay customer testimonial #1:
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Search Manager customer testimonial #1:
Search Manager Product Overview:
Search Manager Tips to Get You Started:
FXIP Overview:
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FXIP Tailored Solutions:
Insurance Edge Awareness:
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Accept Pay OPEN Forum:
Accept Pay:

FX International Payments:

Search Manager OPEN Forum:
Search Manager:
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Insurance Edge:
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Search Manager Press Release, 6/22/10
Search Manager: Information Week, 6/25/10
Search Manager: BNET, 06/25/10
Search Manager: DMNews, 7/12/10
Search Manager: Marketing Vox, 7/26/10
Search Manager: PR Week, October 2010
Business Apps Solutions homepage:

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Jay H. Lee | American Express OPEN VP Business Solutions

Jay Lee is the General Manager of Business Solutions for American Express OPEN where he leads the Business Development and Solutions Management teams. He is focused on expanding American Express into new products and services such as alternative payments and financing, emerging B-B markets, and digital marketing services. His business development team cultivates Strategic Partnership deals ranging from operating agreements to equity investments, and his solutions management team oversees the ongoing Partnership’s products and P&L’s. Jay holds a bachelor’s of science degree in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University, and a master’s in business administration Columbia Business School.